Why do people age and become sick?

People age due to the decline of secretion of the HGH (Human Growth Hormone), from past age 40 the percentage of HGH is 40% compared to age 20, and over age 80 only 5% is secreted. The measure to this taken in the United States is the injection of the necessary hormone that individual lacks, varying from over 150 hormones. This method is only for a limited people for the fee will cost over 2 million yen in half a year, which is an expensive treatment. If replaced by natural herbs, maintaining eternal youth and health will be possible. This is crucial to regenerative medicine.

What is your opinion of organ transplantation, metaphorically speaking, like a new engine replaced to an old automobile?

We have succeeded in blending safe natural herbs. As a result, we have exceeded wild carrots that grow in the nature. If ones appearance is seen as if one has just taken a bath and 10 years younger than that persons actual age, it can be said that your health is in a healthy condition.

Kippogen covers cerebrovascular, dementia of the Alzheimer type (DAT), improvement in nurse care patient, cancer(of any body parts), Parkinson disease, diabetes, hypertension, geriatric diseases such as arteriosclerosis, heart disorder, rheumatism ,collagen disease, hepatitis C and B, phthisis(tuberculosis), and organ failure. Also, Kippogen acts to reduce side effects caused by medicines.

In the rat experiment, we administered Kippogen for 3 consecutive days before hand and had them take aerobic exercise. The results showed percentage of lipid peroxide within the blood vessel reduction by 50%. At the same time we have been able to prevent lipid peroxide increase due to chemical reaction caused by active oxygen. Kippogen also eliminates 50% of the side effects caused by undergoing chemo radiation therapy of cancer.

[ KIPPOGEN’s Characteristic ]
If an individual holds numerous diseases simultaneously, Kippogen has the answer. We correspond to intractable diseases that recent science cannot solve. We are now in the era of one medicine for one disease to one medicine for all diseases.

[ KIPPOGEN’s Main Function ]
Is a precursor of rejuvenescence hormone,「Human Growth Hormone」.
If one has cancer or tumor, it will attack the tumor directly by activating TNF-a (a tumor necrosis factor).
It has high antioxidation power and is excellent in removing active oxygen.(PAT.P)
Tones the stomach and dietary fiber will improve constipation.

Required period of time in order to achieve health

Symptom Required Period Note
Cancer From 1month~ Any type of cancer depending on the result after a month of administration whether to continue or not.
Pituitary Gland Caner From 1month~ Spine cerebellum transformation syndromehas improved after 3 months progress. In an year it has improved to a normal standard.
Side effect of anti-cancer therapy From 3 days〜 50% of hair loss, swelling, edema, loss of apetitie, decrease of weight, and white blood cells had been reduced.
Rheumatism・Collagen disease From 1week~ The most fastest case was diminishing of pain and stiffness from the next day.
Diabetes, gout From 10 days~ In case of homoglobin A1c, check after a month.
Angina and cardiac infarction From 2 months~ After cardiac infarction, the aftermath of infarct is clean.
Pollen allergy From 1 week~ Prevents 80% of the symptom. The symptom returns 1 week after the administration stops.
Atopy From 10 days~ When stopping administration, the itching will return.
Fair skin From 1month~ When appearance is 5-10 years younger, one’s health is completed.
Body odor, bad breath From 1week~ Especially in the middle-aged. Cancer, diabetes
Type C hepatitis From 10 months~ Positive, but the virus count is 0
Cirrhosis From 2 months~ The numbers of GOT,GPT will become normal, and will prevent liver cancer and liver failure.
Fulminant hepatitis From 1 month~ Fulminant hepatitis number has stabled to over GOT700 and GPT400 to a normal standard within a month. γ-GTP are abstinence.
Menopausal disorder From 3 days~ Improves flush of body, chronic headache, dizziness, and menstration will start again but no need to worry.
Menstral cramps, disorder From 2 months~ Approximately 50% pain reduction in the 1st menstration and approximately 80% in the 2nd time.
Coldness in hands and feet From 3 days~ Improves metabolism
Infarction, blod clot From 1 month~ Plaque control and regeneration of brain, heart, entire blood system.
After-effect of brain infarction From 1 month~ In case or 45yr old, disturbance or speech recovered from approximately 1 months.
Alzheiemer’s disease,dementia From 2 months~
Over a year~
Dementia has improved after 2 months, average of 24$ improvement in memory and calculation. As for Alzheimer’s disease it will take over a year and we recommend using DHA together. In the worst case, stopping progression level.
Parkinson’s disease From 6 months~ Improvement in shaking of body, walking difficulties, and numbness. The fastest case was in China was improvement in 3 weeks.
Physical strength improvement From 2 months~ Improvement in stamina, positiveness, eyesight and prevents colds.
Nursing elderly person From 1month to 2 Nursing elders around 80 yrs.old will not be necessary.
Erectile dysfunction From 10 days~ Improvement case in 85yr old, for cleansing of blood and activate4s DHEA.
High blood pressure From 1 month~ Regenerates blood plaque and blood vessels, and improves blood stream.
Low blood pressure From 2 weeks~ Improves metabolism
Nephrosis,kidney failure From 10 months~ Urine candid from 300-0、weight loss of 100kg to 75kg、improvement in swelling.
IgaNephropathy From 2 months~ A pregnant nephropathy patient has improved to a standard level in 2 months.
Ulcerative colitis From 3 months~ Irregular bleeding stopped.An effective judgment is possible within a month.
Tuberculosis From 2 months~ Disinfects tubercle bacilli.
Sudden deafness From 2 weeks~ From 0% hearing to little hearing difficulty.
Myasthenia gravis From 3 months~ Walking difficulty has improved after 3 months and became to go shopping. Nursing in no longer necessary.
Glaucoma and yellow spotted degeneration syndrome From 2 months~ Intraocular pressure became standard level.
Diet From 1 month~ Improves constipation and burns body fat by bringing body metabolism to age 20’s.
Bust up From 1month~ Human growth hormones became normal, increases DHEA amount which differentiates to male and female sex hormone.

[ NOTE ]
1. The above is an average data of 2,300 Japanese samples.If no improvement can be seen after two months, we recommend that you stop administration and try another way.
2. Subject to healthy and the genetic level of age 20, it will take over 2 months for a 70 year old for the effect to act compared to age 40.
3. Natural herbs and vegetables are originated from plants. Since it is not Western medicine practice, there are no side effects but it can also be said that it does not have immediate effect.
4. Kippogen is a dietetic therapy so it is not suitable for a person who has an unbalanced diet or for a person who is not able to take meals.

Precaution and Contraindication

① Common side effects and precautions

As a side effect you may experience sleepiness for 1 to 3 days.Cancer patients may experience up to 10 days maximum. The reason for this is the decomposition of lactic acids in your muscles, a substance that causes muscle fatigue. This symptom is like the sleepiness that you would experience after taking hot springs or spas.
If a healthy 20 year old takes Kippogen, one would only experience shortage of sleeping hours, and improvement of constipation. One cannot overcome the age 20. The senile and people with health problems will experience the effects more strongly.
Contraindication Kippogen effect will act fast, if you have diabetes and are using hypoglycemic agent, an insulin attack may occur, so we ask you to be careful. When discontinuing to take your prescribed medicines please do so gradually.

② Precautions for cancer patients

Tumor marker is one of a standard, but after administration Kippogen and between 2 weeks to a month and comparing the case of going under chemotherapy and radiation therapy, and not going under any kind of therapy, there is a tendency for the immune origin tumor marker to rise in the results. Afterwards, most of the patient’s immune origin tumor marker will decline. We recommend that you look at the marker which is not immune origin.

In the meanwhile you may experience fever, dullness, and diarrhea, but this symptom occurs when the cancer cell is being attacked due to the recovery of the immune system.

[ Difficult conditions to recover health by Kippogen ]
Death examples are reported for cancer patients above stage 4.One can be optimistic up to stage 3, but stage 4 is considered as a critical stage.
It is difficult for an individual with a poor diet habit and for a person who cannot eat much.
If you had an operation, there is a death example of ileus.
Kippogen does not have immediate effect and if one is going under heavy chemotherapy, to restore health, at least 3 months of remaining days is necessary. But even in the last stage, prolonging life is possible.