◆Atopic dermatitis after breast cancer Age 63 Female

My atopic dermatitis was so severe that I used to wear sunglasses to hide my face from employees who would gasp at my complexion whenever I went out to eat. But that all seems like a bad dream now.

Due to the aftereffect of breast cancer, my arms were swollen, were in pain and dull, and depressed with the situation. My thyroid glands had puffed up and my numbers showed abnormality and medicine was prescribed. Several years had passed and I regret that I am not able to show the symptoms I had then. My numbers are normal now, and am free of bad conditions.

◆Atopic dermatitis Age 32 Male

He had atopic dermatitis covering his whole body. After 1 month of taking Kippogen, his skin had become clean. His skin used to become damp when he stayed up all night but while taking Kippogen those symptoms disappear.

◆Atopic dermatitis Age 32 Male

I take Kippo every day, a pack per day.
It seems that Kippo is working well. I feel my severe atopic symptoms have relieved slightly.
One month passed since starting Kippo. My atopic symptoms are slowly improving but another thing is that I can eat from the morning and feel hunger that I didn’t have before. I feel younger and feel my inner body in a good condition. Having a good appetite, regular stools, and a sound sleep is the answer to health. Thank you very much.

◆Pollinosis Age 39 Female

Every year, she could not sleep during pollinosis, but from 2 years ago her symptoms had alleviated. She takes 20 tablets per day and within a week her symptoms had been reduced by 90%. When she stopped then, her symptoms came back in a week.

◆Pollinosis Age 39 Male

His average sleeping hours are 3 to 4 hours. He is able to wake up comfortably and fatigue has reduced. So did his pollinosis.

◆Allergic rhinitis, autonomic imbalance Age 43 Male

Himself: I have to drink every night in order to fall asleep for stress from hard work. But that makes me even more tiring and that leads to another drink the day after. This vicious cycle had been broken due to Kippogen and I overcame my hangover and stress.

Wife: Within 2 weeks, the allergic rhinitis that would not improve in any way had cured.

Child: Kippogen has reduced the symptom of autonomic imbalance and improved the color of the lips.

◆Asthma Age 3 Male

Asthma will occur when he caught colds. After taking Kippogen, he does not catch colds, and asthma has diminished. Prescribed medicines are taken together.

◆Asthma Age 9 Female

In place of Kampo that she had been taking, she started Kippogen. Symptoms of asthma had disappeared.

◆Seed allergy Age 50 Female

For her body will not accept western medicine, she had been taking Kampo for many years. At the same time she is allergic to seeds (ex. almonds, chocolates), and one time she did not know that it was in Kampo she was hospitalized for she got sick. Since then she hasn’t been well.

From Dec.1998, she stopped taking Kampo and in replace started Kippogen. Her conditions become better in 3 days. Her comments afterwards were “I was able to lead a comfortable day this year end.”