Climacteric disturbance, anti-aging

[ Pilot study of Human Growth Hormone and DHEA ]

Subject target Age: 33 Female Occupation: doctor
Period of time Kippogen was administered 2003/7/3 to 8/14
Administered 2 packs per day (2.5gx2packs=5g). Items checked were blood, hormone, and immune test. The below is the blood test which showed significant difference.

7/3 8/14 Normal range
Somatomedin C (IGF-1) 242.8 326.9 121~436
DHEA-S 1733 2024 1000~5000

◆Valetudinarianism, fair skin Age 36 Female

I always feel happy whenever I take Kippogen. 3 months has passed since I started Kippogen but ever since I feel cheerful and am in such a good condition that I forget that I was valetudinarianism. My face color has come back, and I feel younger.My mother is often asked by my neighbors that her skin seems much fairer than last year and she looks great, and asks for the secret. I would like to keep on taking Kippogen and maintain my condition.
Thanks to Kippogen, my mother and I are doing fine. After trying many ways, I have come back to Kippogen. From now on, I would like to buy more and say goodbye to my weak conditions.

My mother is happy that her age spot has become lighter. My climacteric disturbance has clearly stopped and my dry skin recovered. I also feel my asthma has alleviated. I am able to breathe better.

I felt that I will need to consume amount in order to relieve my symptoms, so my mother takes 2 packs and I take 3 to 4 packs per day. Thank you very much.

◆ 疲労回復、美肌、便秘 女性 36才(以下、英文を翻訳しました)

私は、フライトでとても忙しいです! 私がKippoを3箱を食べ終わって、私の身体の変化として気付いた点をお知らせします。最初に、私は従来のように疲れていません、そして、私が病気をしないでとても沢山のフライトをしても、耐えることができるのはKippoを摂っているからに違いありません。


3番目に、私の人生すべての苦痛は便秘ですが、Kippoを摂ってから、私の便 通は非常に定期的です。これは最も劇的な結果でした。 私はどのように感謝したらよいでしょう!

◆Recovery from fatigue, fair skin, constipation Age 36 Female

I am very busy from flights. I will report the change in my body and my opinion after consuming 3 boxes of Kippo. First of all, I do not feel tired as before. Also, I am sure that being able to go on flights without getting sick is all because of Kippo.

Secondly, my skin is much smoother and in much better condition than before.

Third of all, my life was in pain for a very bad constipation but after taking Kippo, my toilette habit has become periodically. This was a drastic result. I cannot thank you enough!

◆Fair skin Age 50 Female (Her husband/doctor)

For she lead a stressful life, she started from August, 1998 and decided to take Kippogen in hope of bringing back the tension of the skin and to maintain health.

In the first administration, skin rash was admitted but it eventually faded. After a month, she is aware that her skin radiance has come back and her it is easier to put on make-up compared to a month ago. Her swollen face has diminished and the eye bags have become lighter. The age spot near the eye has also lightened and she felt good for her toilette habit has become rhythmically. (Rather than taking 5 tablets per day, 10 tablets are better for the toilette habit.)

◆Fair skin, health maintenance Age 48 Female

11/98 After first administration, almost instantly the constipation was relieved In 2 weeks, some pimples appear near the corner of the mouth.

01/99 Radiance of the skin comes back, and her whole face has become smoother, the pimples have diminished.

◆Antiaging Age 46 Female

The first administration was in Dec., 1998 and before menstruation, the breasts feel tight. The menstruation is in a good condition.