Autoimmune disease (AID)

Rheumatism, autoimmune disorder

◆Rheumatism Shizuoka prefecture Age 80 Female Mrs. Y

[ Before administering Kippogen ]

For pain, she did not laugh and always yelled to people around her that「you have never had rheumatism, so what do you know!」Her family was in agriculture business but since she was not able to help, her neighbors came to help her out. She used sleeping pills for she could not sleep at night. She did not eat much meat for she believed that meat is bad for health.

There was a thought that there is nothing in this world that could relieve rheumatism so she thought that Kippogen might be another waste of money.

The advice we give is to consume amino balanced food such as pork, tuna, tuna cans, and eggs which is the base of the human cells and essential to the immunes. Otherwise, please eat as you wish.

[ the progression report is as follows ]

April 13th, 2001
First order.

May 7th
Second order.

June 17th
Third order.

Mrs.N called, who is taking Kippogen together with Mrs.Y and told us her conditions.

「Mrs.Y never smiled, but she is now singing to herself and working in the field. She has really changed. Another thing is that she used to take sleeping pills but she is able to sleep without them now. She advised us to take Kippogen for she did not want to keep the good news to herself. Mrs.Y is in charge and orders all 4 of the neighbors Kippogen. I (Mrs.N) myself is now 64 and used to sleep until 8 to 9 in the morning like a pig. But now I wake up around 4 in the morning and jog or take the dog for a walk. When I strained my muscle and needed electric therapy, but I had recovered before my reservation that was made 2 days after. It is just 2 months, but something has changed within me. My grandmother who is 90 now is saying that she will take Kippogen for she wants to live 2 more years. 」

◆Rheumatism, hystermyoma Age 51 Female

For rheumatism, her joints were stiff. Her grip was so weak that she was could not write. Especially from her left neck to shoulders, the muscles has stiffed so that she could not move, and her shoulder was not in the normal position. She also had hystermyoma (size of a softball) and a lump in the breast. She was not able to clean up the house for 11 years, and these past 2 years, had been bedridden. Her tongue color is black. For the hystermyoma has become worse, her menstruation comes in 2 weeks and since she bleeds a lot she is anemia.

After consuming Kippogen, the rheumatism had gradually improved and her tongue color has changed to pink. The lump in her breast has shrunk and in 2 months, she was able to hold shopping bags that she was not able to do before. In 3 months, since 11 years, she was able to clean up her house and redo her furniture using several months. (She even became to move heavy furniture’s) Eventually her left shoulders had started to move, and she could cook for herself and sometimes others. The bleeding of the menstruation had reduced.

◆Prostate cancer, rheumatism Age 70 Male

Every morning pain was in his arms and feet. After starting Kippo his pain had relieved and progression of the prostate cancer had ceased.

◆Rheumatism Age 46 Female

Sep. 9th, 2000.
She had been diagnosed as rheumatism at the hospital for her shoulder pain. From end of July she started Kippo and within a week her pain had improved. Her skin had become fair and smooth. After 3 months, she was able to spend her daily life without trouble.

◆Rheumatism Age 72 Female

She was experiencing walking difficulties from rheumatism. After 2 weeks of taking Kippogen, she became well enough to go out for shopping. She had many small spots on her legs but they disappeared.

◆Rheumatism Age 50 Female

The stiffness from rheumatism had diminished in 3 days.

◆Rheumatism Age 42 Female

She could not work for she felt pain and stiffness in her hands and feet. After administering Kippo and in a year she was well enough to get back to work.

◆Scleroderma Age 60’s Male

『Progress report of complete cure to scleroderma 』
The 「scleroderma」that I had experienced in the year of 2001 to 2002 was a torture, both physically and mentally. Thanks to Kippogen, I have completely cured the disease and am spending my life happily. I would like to report and tell people who has the same disease and had made the following report from the beginning to cure.

『Outline of appearance to cure』

Oct. / 2001/ Beginning
I found a lump on my left back side. It was diagnosed as a lump of fat and progress observation was decided.
Nov. / 2001/ Middle
Edema was admitted under the thighs, but disappeared the next day.
Dec. /2001
For an acute pain in the stomach, I went to Nisseki Hospital. I had been diagnosed as severe duodenal ulcer after endoscopic examination. Takeplon 30mg was prescribed.
Dec. /2001/ Beginning
Swell and edema was often seen and disappeared the next day. I have become to worry somehow.
Dec.5 /2001
Recovery from edema was becoming hard and attended Nisseki Hospital again. Blood test results show no abnormality and likewise for the other organs such as liver after MRI test.
No abnormality was admitted in the X-ray results of the heart.
Around this time, I felt itchy on the stomach parts and the skin color had changed. I went to a dermatologist but the cause could not be found. I was prescribed an ointment.
The duodenal ulcer became better and the prescription was changed to 15mg. Diuretic was prescribed for the aim of reducing edema. Slight improvement can be seen but did not last.
Jan.10 to 22/2002
The symptom of the lower thighs ? The swell and edema had worsened and both legs are swelled up so that I get cramps. The color has changed to purple, and there is pain when going up and down the stairs.

Arms ? Both arm has become stiff and have changed to purple. I feel weak and could not hold things and even felt a small pain.

The muscle around the lump on the front left arm side back had degenerated and sank so that the skin and the bones stick together. The sank part was 10mm (W) x45mm(L) and felt inconvenient in case of driving.

Abnormal situation on the stomach was felt. From the front side to the left, the skin has changed to purple and strong itchiness is felt.
I doubted side effects from the prescribed medicine and asked a pharmacist for further investigation. The answer received from Takeda Chemical Ind., was that there are some cases of edema from takepron so I discontinued use.
Feb. /2002
Name of neither the disease, nor the cause could be found even after going to 7 hospitals, including internal medicine, orthopedics, dermatologist department. I feel uneasy for time just passes by without any remedies.
Mar. 7/2002
From an advice from a friend, I went to Yamanashi Nisseki Hospital. I was diagnosed as scleroderma after examination and my symptoms. The immune test results also showed that I have scleroderma.

I was relieved somewhat relieved that finally the name of the disease had been specified but still my worry did not leave me for I was told from the doctor that scleroderma is a disease that the cause is not certain. There is no remedy except for administering steroids.

To ease skin irritation, prevention of transmission, and to control overreaction of stimulation of the body, I was prescribed oirax, lamisil cream, lestaminkowa ointment, and ryndeloin cream 0.12%.
To decide the amount of administration, I was told to take several tests of my organs. At this point, there were no abnormal situation and from that my doctor has changed to a collagen disease specialized doctor.

His opinion was that since steroids have side effects, he is against using them. I was put on observation and was prescribed uberanicotinate (vitamin E).
My friend gave me information of Kippo and 1 box as a present. 10 days after administration, I have noticed that I am able to use the stairs with much less stress.
April 5/2002
Kippogen is expensive and I was doubted the effects so I called Mr.Yoon personally and confirmed many things. At that time, there was no examples of scleroderma and could not totally wipe out the doubts. I was given advice for meals from Mr. Yoon and tried Kippogen thinking as a bet. I bought 3 boxes and took 3 packs per day.
April 25/2002
The edema, skin tension, skin color had slowly recovered and the place where the skin that had sank began to rise again. The irritation and itchiness had reduced to a level so that I forgot that I had skin problems.
May 5/2002
By this time, I totally forget the physical and mental pain that I was in, and the place that she skin that had sank had cleanly recovered.
May 31/2002
For prevention I bought another box and continued to take 1 pack per day.
Bought 2 boxes for I experienced an irritation of skin.

As for my situation, I was lucky that I met Kippogen before spreading to my inner organs and was cured at an early stage. I still appreciate my friend who introduced me Kippogen at that time. The other day, I have reported my “lung cancer progress” and I regret that if I hadn’t stopped administering Kippogen when I recovered from scleroderma and had taken 1 pack per day, I would not have become sick again.


Scleroderma is an autoimmune, rheumatic, and chronic disease that affects the body by hardening connective tissue. (“Connective tissue” is widespread. ?It adds strength to organs and other parts of the body.) Connective tissue is made of many kinds of proteins. Among them is collagen of the skin. Scleroderma literally means hard skin. An Illness of the Immune SystemScleroderma is classified as an autoimmune disease. This means that a person’s immune system works against itself. The normal immune system protects the body by fighting off foreign invaders such as viruses and infections. In an autoimmune disease, the immune system mistakes a person’s own tissues as foreign invaders and sets up a protective attack that backfires to cause problems. In scleroderma, cells start making collagen as if there were an injury that needs repairing. The cells do not turn off as they should and end up making too much collagen. The extra collagen in the tissues can prevent the bodies organs from functioning normally.

◆Myasthenia syndrome Age 60’s Female

From Dec. of 2003, a lady who was in her 60’s started Kippogen for she had been diagnosed as myasthenia and was bedridden for her severe symptoms and needed a helper. She had breathing problems and had spasms for her muscles around her respiratory systems had weakened. After 3 months of administration, she is able to go out to do her daily shopping and her spasms had reduced. Her life style has changed so that she only needed for her helper to come once a week.