[ Precautions for cancer patients ]

Tumor marker number is one of the standard but according to the latest results, comparing chemotherapy and radiation therapy, after starting Kippogen; the immune originated tumor marker number has the tendency to rise. Afterwards, most of the patient’s immune originated marker will decrease. We recommend that you look after the number of the non originated immune.

During that time, you may experience fever, dullness, and diarrhea, but this is due to the increase of the immune system that attacks the cancer cells.[ Cases difficult to recover health by Kippogen ]

  • In cancer patients, there is a mortality of patients over stage 4. Up until stage 3 one may be optimistic, stage 4 is considered serious condition.
  • An individual under a diet or a person who cannot eat much.
  • If one has had the experience of operation in the past, there is a death case from ileus.
  • Is going under heavy chemotherapy treatment.

Kippogen does not have immediate effect, so in order to recover health remaining days of half a year is necessary. But even in the last stage, prolonging of life is possible.

[ Case 1 ] Metastasized from pancreas to lung Age 40 Male

Due to a repeated cough which would not stop, he attended the hospital. Lung tumor was found in June 2006, and his remaining days were sentenced as 1 month.

He went to the hospital for a second opinion. The symptoms at that time were as follows.

  • As a side effect of the anticancer therapy(ilessa) of lung cancer, he was experiencing rash and irritation of the skin.
  • His cough would not stop and his sputum was severe that he would have to use 1 box of tissue an hour.
  • Being sentenced that his remaining days is 1 month, his whole family was in a gloomy atmosphere.

[ June 30th, 2003 ] His second opinion doctor began a sleeping therapy as an anticancer treatment.
By that method, his tumor marker had decreased, but from August the numbers stabled but no change other was seen.

[ Sep. 26th, 2003 ] His second opinion doctor prescribed Kippogen.
5days after taking Kippogen his skin rash and irritation diminished.
After 2 weeks, his chest roentgen improved.
4 weeks later, his cough stopped suddenly. (His family and he himself was surprised) His chest roentgen showed no change.

◆Lung cancer Age in his 60’s Male

『Midterm report regarding lung cancer』
In June 2006 he became conscious of shortening of the breath, on the 23rd of June, the home doctor took an electrocardiogram and X-ray. No abnormal situation could be seen in the electrocardiogram, but in his X-ray, a shadow was admitted in the right upper chest of the lung. It was diagnosed as tumor may be suspected and an early examination is recommended. The details are as follows.

  • August 17th – At Yamanashi Red Cross Hospital, results admitted pulmonary emphysema. At the same time, lung cancer was suspected and fiberoptic bronchoscopy was strongly recommended to which he made an reservation.
  • August 30th – After the diagnosis at Yamanashi Red Cross Hospital he was told that it is difficult to have an accurate tissue example ingested and another factor was that he has a risk of becoming pneumothorax from pulmonary emphysema. For this reason, he strongly requested not to have an operation and be observed as follow up.
  • October 4th – X ray examination. Cancer has enlarged slightly and he was once again recommended to take further examination.Considering risk, and reliability of gathering the tissues he requested an thorough examination at cancer specialized hospital.
  • November 9th – He took an X ray and CT examination at Shizuoka Cancer Center on Nov. 17th. He was once again recommended to take a further tissue examination but he declined by the same reason and asked for follow up observation, and took PET examination.
  • November 30th – PET examination at Shizuoka Cancer Center.
  • December 7th – The result of the PET examination indicated possibility of over 80% of cancer. Pulmonary surgery was recommended but he had plans to spend the winter overseas so he decided to see the examination results and give a final answer depending on the X-ray examination.
  • December 10th – Ordered 2 boxes of Kippogen and expecting to get better, he started to take 2 packs per day.
  • January 7th – At Shizuoka Cancer Center the results of the X-ray indicated a slight enlargement, but since the growth seemed small, there seemed to that there is no problem in going abroad so he decided to take a trip as scheduled.
  • January 10th – Ordered another 2 boxes of Kippogen and as before took 2 packs per day.
  • February 8th – Finished consuming 2 boxes of Kippogen.
  • February 19th – After returning to Japan, he took a CT examination of the head and nothing irregular was found.
  • February 22nd – The results of the CT exam in Shizuoka Cancer Center indicated that the cancer seems slightly smaller. This lead to a follow up observation of seeing the doctor once in 3 months.

In 2001 ? 2002, I was told that there is no cure for Pachydermatosis (collagen disease)but I was able to meet 「Kippogen」. Thanks to Mr. Yoon’s instructions, my symptom cured totally and was spending a comfortable life.

This time I was in a great shock when sentenced as 「lung cancer」. But once again, thanks to 「Kippogen」 the lung cancer seems to be shrinking and can be observed that it has inactivated. I deeply appreciate 「Kippogen」every day. It is ideal to take Kippogen everyday but since it is expensive, I am not able to take them at the moment. I believe that when another problem arises, by administering Kippogen I will certainly be cured. I would like to express once again my appreciation that I was able to meet Kippogen」

I would like to send my message and experience to patients who has been diagnosed as a disease that are incurable and recommend 「Kippogen」

◆Lung cancer Age 40’s Male

Due to undergoing chemotherapy, hair has fallen out and feeling sick when awake, he was always lying in his bed. He does not feel hunger for he feels sick all the time.

After consuming Kippogen
Day 1 No change can be seen.
Day 2 No change can be seen.
Day 3 Feels better.
Day 4 Waking up is much easier for he felt better.
Day 5 He was able to eat for nausiness was palliated.
Day 6 He was able to walk without dizziness. His fever was relieved.
Day 7
Day 8 He was able to sleep deeper.
Day 9
Day 10 Went for a walk outside the hospital
Day 11
Day 12 The results of the test showed increase of leukocyte count.

For he was in a good condition, the hospital discharge was 1 week earlier than scheduled. Within a month, to his surprise hair growth was seen where hair has fallen out due to the side effect of undergoing chemotherapy. He thought that he would be hospitalized longer than before, so being discharged earlier than scheduled was a happy surprise for him.

◆Lung Cancer Male Age Unknown

A report from a Professor of Medical school of Korea’s Yeungnam University.「A male from Pusan who had lung cancer passed away last year. This patient has been sentenced that his remaining days is 3 months at the January of last year and was hospitalized in the terminal care ward. Nothing could be done at the hospital. This patient took Kippogen for 11months consecutively and passed away afterwards. For this reason, I believe that it can be said that Kippogen is effective even in the last stage of lung cancer.」

◆Pancreas Cancer Age 60 Female

In February 2002, due to severe icteric she had an operation of ERBD. When undergoing endoscopic surgery, 2cm of pancreas cancer was found. It had already metastasized to the lymph.

An explanation from the doctor who had done the ERBD operation

  • The cancer size was 2 cm.
  • If operation is not performed, the cancer will spread.
  • Current stage is Stage 1.
  • If metastasize does not occur, the survival rate after the operation within 5years is 50%.
  • If operation is not performed, the bile duct will clot and icteric will occur again.
  • After showing the documents from Kippogen, the doctor replied that no one has been cured by that method.

He found out about Kippogen 3 days after being hospitalized. From the 4th day he took 4 packs per day. There was over 20 days until the pancreas cancer operation,but many examinations had to be taken beforehand, so during that time he took Kippogen. Results reveal that the cancer resected size was 1cm.
*It is believed that in approximately 20 days, the cancer has shrunken by 1cm.

Seen from his son, his father seemed fine and cheery before the operation.

Observation after the operation
After being able to eat, he asked for the doctor’s permission, and took Kippogen as soon as possible. Which lead to an early recovery.

◆ Diabetes, Pancreas Cancer Age 68 Male

He had lost 30 kg of weight in a year and high blood sugar was admitted, he was recommended to be examined at the hospital. Prior to diabetes, he was diagnosed as 90% chance of terminal stage of pancreas cancer. Considering his age, he had chosen not to have an operation and any method of chemical therapy, and decided for in house therapy.

Dec.20th 2001 Started Kippogen. Began with 4 pack per day
Feb. 5th 2002 His weight showed 2 kg of increase and showed appetite.
Apr. 5th 2002 He increased 4 kg, and his tumor marker has decreased.
May 8th 2002 He increased 5 to 6 kg, and his tumor marker decreased again.

◆Colon Cancer Age 89 Female (e-mail from her grandchild)

Sep.18th 2001
The person who will consume Kippogen is my grandmother who is 89 years old. My grandmother had resected a colon cancer by endoscopic a few years ago. But this June, another cancer was found outside of the resected colon. She underwent radiation therapy and was discharged without reduction of the cancer. I beg for instructions how Kippogen can be taken most effectively.

Sep.25th 2001
My grandmother is happily saying that swelling of her feet seems a little better. Also that she seems in good condition and is going to continue Kippogen.

Oct.21 2001
I hope everything is well. Thanks to Kippo and my appreciations for my grandmother is spending her days very positively. Seeing how well my grandmother is doing, my mother has decided to take Kippo also.

Dec.25th 2001
I hope things are going well. My grandmother seems in good shape. For she moves around busily, she gets tired and catches colds at times ( Of course the cold weather is another factor), so she is not in her best condition. I would be happy if her test results show a good number which she said she is going to take in January.

Jan.23rd 2001
My grandmother is doing fine. From the end of last year to the beginning, she caught a cold. Her examination date is fixed on the 26th. We are all looking forward to her test results. =This I said on the phone, but she ate Una-don but since she still felt hungry, she ate Ten-don. This proves her big appetite!

Feb.6th 2002
I would like to inform you the examination results that my grandmother took the other day. Last year, her cancer size was approximately 6 to 7 cm. This time the size had shrunk to approximately 3.5cm. Thank you very much, my grandmother is feeling much better and spending her days happily. Thank you again.

◆Kidney Cancer Age 58 Male

Dec.8th 2003
Pancreas cancer 3.5cm was found and metastasized to kidney and was hospitalized. He was not able to have an operation although he had laparotomy. His remaining days were sentenced as 1 month.

Dec.12th 2003
Started taking Kippogen 4 days after operation.

Dec.13th 2003
He was able to sleep comfortably and felt better. He perspirated a lot.

Dec.16th 2003
His appetite came back, and was discharged 4 days after starting to consume Kippogen.

Jan.20th 2004
He is doing fine, has appetite and his weight is gradually coming back.

◆Malignant Lymphoma Osaka prefecture Male Age Unknown Occupation: Doctor

2 weeks after taking Kippogen, his tumor marker has decreased.

◆Malignant Lymphoma Age 69 Female

November 2002
Sever ache in the throat. The under left side of the ear lymph was swollen and stuck out from under the chin. The doctor’s diagnosis was malignant lymphoma,stage 2 (Swell on the left throat and ache, lymphoma on the left chin(size of 50mm X 50mm) under left arm(10mm X 10mm). Her bone marrow was not in a good condition. As a dietary supplement, she began taking fungus.

Dec.25th 2002
Height 157cm, weight 56kg.
She was hospitalized in Toyohashi Civilian Hospital, hematology department. Attending physician was Dr. Suzuki Isshin. Treatment by ritsukininsine therapy, 4 times. CHOP Prescribed medicine was predonin.

Dec.27th 2002
Initiative anticancer chemotherapy started (ritsukisine). Since walking was difficult, to solve constipation was by taking pills. At 19:30 Fever of37.7 ℃

Dec.28th 2002
7:00 38.8℃ 10:00 38.2℃ 14:00 38.0℃ 19:30 38.1℃

Jan.5th 2003
Weight 54.5kg

Jan.7th 2003
Started administering Kippogen, 4 packs per day and in the evening, took the daily Kampo(Chinese herbs). At the same time she was in need to solve her skin irritation from dryness. Her daughter sent her olive oil.

Jan.8th 2003
Usually her toilette is once a day and thin, but this time she went to the bathroom 3 times a day and felt better. Her skin rash seems better, and her appetite has come back and eats almost everything in each meal.

Jan.9th – 13th 2003
An injection to increase leukocyte was administered 5 times in total.

Jan.10th 2003
Weight 53.0 kg

Jan.14th 2003
The leukocyte has increased up to 18400.( Normally the numbers were 4000 to 9000)

Date 2002
Hospitalization After the first anti-cancer therapy First injection to increase leucocyte
White blood corpuscle 7760 8700 1870 1130 18400
Haemoglobin 13.1 12.6 12.9 12.3 12.1
Platelet 40.1 31.3 35.4 29.1 34.6
CRP 0.2

Jan.15th 2003
2nd chemotherapy (ritzkisine)

Jan.25th to 28th
An injection to increase leukocyte was administered. 4 times in total.

Date 2003
After the second anti-cancer therapy Third injection to increase leucocyte?
White blood corpuscle 3350 2810 2040 1480 500
Haemoglobin 11.7 11.8 10.5 12.3 10.2
Platelet 31.0 22.8 18.1 24.5 18.2

Jan.29th 2003
3rd chemotherapy (ritzkisine, CHOP)

Feb.4th 2003
Injection to increase leukocyte.

Date 2/3 2/5 2/6 2/10 2/12
After the thirdt anti-cancer therapy
White blood corpuscle 2630 21870 1740 3780 17190
Haemoglobin 10.6 9.7 9.9 11.3 10.6
Platelet 31.2 27.5 22.8 28.3 24.4

Mail from Feb.7th
Thank you for your mail. As predicted, she will be discharged soon.」CT examination on/Feb.6th Upper body Feb.7th Lower part of the body.

My mother says that she could feel that the cancer in the neck shrinks when ritzkisine is administered (not with CHOP). As for now, she cannot tell where the swell was by sight nor by feeling the parts. At the initiative plan, the ritzkisine and CHOP was 3 times, but since the ritzkisine went so well, my mother asked the doctor for an additional ritzkisine (3 times is the limit when using insurance) for she will pay for that fee. To our dismay, she will not listen to us.

Another problem was that since it will become an in house therapy, she will be discharged from the hospital and the ritzkisine and radiation therapy which in total will be 15 times,will be ambulatory care. There is not a hospital nearby which holds Hemotology Department and even if so, the hospital lacks bed and many patients are on the waiting list. My father lives alone so coming for her to come back home is welcome, but we worry if she catches a cold.」

Mail from Feb. 13th
「My mother’s hospital discharge date is tomorrow. She came home once and stayed overnight on Monday.」

Feb.13th 2003
4th ritzkisine

Date 2/14 2/17
White blood corpuscle 3130 2440
Haemoglobin 10.2 11.2
Platelet 23.9 29.2

Feb.18th 2003
A line was drawn on her neck for the marking of the radiation therapy,.

Feb .19th 2003
First radiation therapy (Total 20 is scheduled)

Feb.20th 2003
She was discharged from the hospital in the afternoon.
2nd CT examination result.( 3 times anticancer therapy finished)
Lower left ear lymph 10mmX10mm
Lower left arm scarcely visible

Mail from Feb. 26th
Other than loss of hair, the side effect of the anticancer therapy could not be seen but radiation therapy seems heavy to her. At the first plan she intended to take 15 times but she has asked to reduce the amount and asked for the frequency to 20 times.

Even if I try to convince her that 「There is no need to take radiation therapy if you take Kippogen.」my mother will say,「The doctor say so.」and obeys to anyone who is in the position of a doctor. She believes that one cannot disobey the doctor and is must to what the doctor says. 「It is your body.」is all that I can say, to which she replies 「Yes, that is correct…」

But I guess the one who is in the most pain and burden is my mother. So I left her a message , 「Take Kippogen and do rest yourself 」.Afterwards, from radiation therapy, her strength, appetite, and energy weakened.

April 2nd
The below is the conversation with her daughter on the phone.
「Due to the side effect of the ritzkisine her hair has fallen out, but she said that her head itches, and to my surprise a slight baby like hair growth was seen. 」We prepared her a wig but she will not use the wig even after being discharged from the hospital. She is unwilling to go out and stays home all the time. At the moment, her hair has grown from 5mm to 7mm.

Yesterday, my mother had to deal with a collector of the bills. My mother dealt with the person normally but the surprise on that person could not be hidden and my mother could not hold her laugh. Since hair growth can be seen and her appetite has come back, she seems eager to live positively」

Mail from June 5th
My mothers’ appetite has come back and her taste disorder is slowly improving. She started driving from the 3rd of this month. But she still says that her mouth is distasteful and feels icky. Before she was hospitalized, she had to take 1 dose of medicine every morning to treat her hypertension, but currently she is not taking this medicine.

As for my father, he says that his knee hurts and attends orthopedists and plastic surgery. He takes madopor pills (no side effect was admitted even after administering for over a year) every morning and night for Parkinson’s disease. My mother and I will tell him that if he takes Kippogen, rheumatism and Parkinson disease will improve, but he will not listen.

He is very nervous at the moment for he is not able to sleep well for achiness and worry that he might not be able to drive for fear of being paralyzed.

Mail from July 10th
Thanks to Kippogen, my mother is doing fine and drives my father back and forth who is now going to the hospital for rheumatism. As a small break, from July 4 to 5th, my mother, my aunt and my sisters and I went on a one night over stay in Nara. We worried very much of my mother’s condition, but happily the trip went well without any troubles. She said that she would like to climb up to Mt.Shinki and pray for my father to get well. At the moment she attends the hospital once a month and her white blood cells are June 3rd 2800, July 1st 1880 which is low, but her doctor said that it is okay to go on a trip.

Mail from August 19th
My mother is doing fine, thanks to Kippogen. She attends my father going to the hospital every day. Her white blood cell count was 3800 on Jul.29th. The count increased because she quit anticancer therapy in June. In July, she participated on a trip to Kyushu with my aunt. At some point, it seemed that she gave up the plan, but her strong will made her wish come true.

Her hair has grown to a length that she no longer needs wigs (thanks to Kippogen, she has more black hair than white), and before the trip she went to a hair salon to have mesh in her hair. Her with to dress up is much stronger than mine, just like before.

I cannot believe that she was hospitalized for cancer just half a year ago. At the time of the Bon festival my mother and I visited my grandmother’s grave. We had a chat that it is better to visit a grave rather than being visited as a grave. I am overwhelmed that my mother is back to good shape. All of this is from Kippogen. I cannot thank to Dr. Kaneda(the person who introduced Kippogen) enough. At the same time, I would like to help people who suffer the same situation as my mother. Thank you again.

4/8 4/22 5/6 6/3 7/1 7/29 9/2
White blood corpuscle 3280 1870 2870 2730 1880 3270 2470
Haemoglobin 12.3 12.0 12.0 11.3 12.5 12.8 12.0
Platelet 22.5 24.7 21.7 22.7 23.2 24.1 23.6
CRP 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

March from Oct.9th
How are you? We are (except for my father) doing well.

The CT test result of Sep.22nd and Oct.7th showed no particular situation. My husband, son, my mother-in-law, and I take Kippogen one pack per day and we are all in a good shape. (My mother-in-law decided to take them after hearing that my mother’s in a good condition and that her blood pressure had declined.)My daughter is doing fine by taking one dose from my pack or my sons.

As for the stubborn father, he became gastric ulcer from excess pain reliever and takes gaster medicines at the moment. He never listens to us.

10/7 11/4 12/2 04/1/20
White blood corpuscle 2580 3630 3150 8480
Haemoglobin 12.9 12.0 12.0 13.0
Platelet 22.7 22.5 24.1 34.1
CRP 0 0.10 0 0.80

◆Malignant Lymphoma Male Age Unknown

The other day, I had my annual blood test. The results showed no particular situation other than that my white blood cells are low (this is normal, around 3000).

Another thing was that a marker called B2S was out of normal range (1800) last month, but this time it has returned within a normal range(around 1200). This is the first time I’ve heard of this tumor marker B2S. Next month, I am scheduled to have neck echo and blood test again. I will report the results again.

◆Malignant Lymphoma Female Age 40(Report from her sister who is a pharmacist)

July 28th, 2002
In 1999, she had resected where malignant lymphoma was found.

From Nov.4th 1999 to Feb.22nd 2000 Total 6 times of anticancer therapy(by instillation)
Term used Kippo June to mid July of 2000 Approximately 1 month and a half.
Morning and Evening Twice a day 2 pack per time.Symptoms before administering Kippogen (Suspected as side effect of anti-cancer therapy)

  • Hair loss
  • Numbness From shoulder to arms, hands, fingertips, feet
  • Swelling of the whole body
  • Menstruation stop
  • Loss of appetite/gaster ache
  • Weight loss(Height 164cm Weight from 48kg to43kg)

After administering Kippo

  • Hair growth can be seen before administering Kippogen, but it seems that the growth speed has become faster than before. The mass of the eyebrows, eyelashes, and mustache had increased
  • Numbness is still felt, but compared to before, it has lightened. Places that is especially numb are right hand fingertips and foot sole.
  • Felling of swelling of the body has decreased after a month.
  • Menstruation has not come yet, as before.
  • Her appetite will become full by just a small portion, but has come to eat 5 to 6 times a day. When taking oily food, before stomach ache occurred but this has ceased.
  • The weight has recovered to 45kg. After 2 weeks of administration, even dullness is felt; she has come to do house work. Before she was not able to move and could only do the least of things around her.

Other thing is that when consuming Kippogen, gas will occur and hunger will be relieved from that reason. But that is just for a moment; she became constipated but by taking lots of water has solved the problem.

Things consumed before administering Kippogen

messima, spiruna, senna, vitamin E and C

◆Malignant lymphoma Male Age Unknown

The upper table list is 2 months before, and the recent results are the one below.

Hb 15.1 14.3
HCT 42.2% 40.2
RBC 502 479
PLT 25.5 24.7
WBC 4300 3900
TP 7.4 7.1
GOT 20 17
GPT 14 9
LDH 178 153
ALP 167 165
γ-GTP 11 10
BUN 12.4 14.1
CRE 0.78 71
CRP 0.06 0.00
Cu 89 87
β2MG 1.2 1.1
Ferritin 32 49
Solubility IL-2 receptor 1010 1250
Thymidine kinase 6.5 5.8

Answer from Kippo Science Ltd., regarding the marker increases of malignant lymphoma

As a biomarker of malignant lymphoma, soluble IL-2 receptor and deoxygenmidinaze, Kippogen activates the immune therefore soluble IL-2 originated from the immune will rise. This is good, so no need to worry.

Other immune originated tumor marker will rise also. Of course if carcinoma diminished, the number will show 0. If you are going to see the immune originated marker, we ask you to look at the number after you administer Kippogen as a standard number. Carcinoma related enzyme deoxydinaze will decline. Rather we ask you to look at this number. Needless to say, it is certain to see that the carcinoma cell itself has become smaller. The most certain method is to measure the volume of the carcinoma. It is believed to be smaller. It will take nearly 6 months of a 7cm of large intestine cancer to shrink.

◆Leukemia Male Age Unknown

Thanks to Kippogen, Mr.T is in a good condition. If it were as scheduled, he was to have an operation this month but his progress is so well that schedule has changed to October. Mr.T is very satisfied with the results and he will continue to administer Kippogen until October.

◆Lymph adenoma Male Age 50’s

Jul.29th, 2003(From E-mail)
Today as a ambulation I had my first examination after operation at Chiba National Cancer Center.Report from the beginning

In March, a friend who is a doctor noted my swell on the right side neck.
A relative introduced me to a doctor in Tokyo Women’s Medical University Hospital. After examination, based on the test results, I was diagnosed as cancer, and metastatic cancer was confirmed. I was told to take anticancer therapy and radiation therapy, but reclined.
I was introduced the director of head and neck surgery department.The examination and the method of treatment was the same as before, anticancer therapy and radiation therapy. I felt that he could be trusted but since all the private rooms were full I decided to attend another hospital.
I went to National Institute of Cancer and there apart from the other 2 hospitals, the treatment method was as follows. To get rid of cancer that can be operated and if not, go under radiation and chemo therapy but that is the last method. I was able to relate to the method and at this hospital I was able to be hospitalized in a private room so I decided here.(The reason I wanted a private room is not because I am rich and have lots to spare, but for I am neurosis.)
2 days before the metastatic cancer operation, another different cancer was found in the tonsil. This, I was lucky and was able to have both operation for the metastatic cancer and tonsil cancer at once on July 4th.

The doctor in charge said: The operation was successful but as for the metastasized afterwards, he cannot say for certain that it will occur or not.

Reservation was made for August and in Sep.2nd, MRI examination test.

The current situation is weight change of 83kg to 75kg. After coming home, I was always in a 「blue」situation. But this has recovered now and my appetite has also recovered.

  • Aug.1st 2003 Started Kippogen 4 packs per day
  • Aug.26th 2003 3 weeks has passed since starting Kippogen and the report is as follows.

Clear difference: The diarrhea that has been continuing for 2 years due to pills(for I became constipated by taking antidepressant pills) every other day. The rhythm has come back and is normal now (from a week ago).

Suspected difference: From 5 years ago I have been taking sleeping pills once to twice a week (before solanax/now lieze) but the number to take the pills has reduced.

From now

One thing that I am most expecting from Kippo is to live without the fear of recurrence and metastasized of middle larynx cancer that was found in the 4th of July at National Institute of Cancer.

I chose to have an operation rather than undergoing radiation and anticancer therapy.

Being greedy, the second thing that I expect is to sleep without sleeping pills and to live without antidepressant pills. I am relying on Kippo!

Sep.27th 2003

  • On the 18th, as scheduled I received Kippogen.
  • On the 16th, I saw the results of MRI examination photographs taken at National Institute of Cancer and am relieved to see that nothing particular could be seen around the mid larynx and tonsil, and where metastatic cancer was found.
  • As reported before, my toilette habit has become normal first time in 5 years.
  • Regarding sleeping habits, I had to take sleeping pills and antidepressant before. I stopped taking them at once but since I could not feel that I had slept, I went to a psychiatrist. His answer was to take the pills for the time (fighting cancer)so I am taking sleeping pills. Another thing that I noticed was that I stopped dreaming. I am happy for that since the dreams I saw were always nightmares.

◆Malignant Lymphoma Female Age Unknown

  • Had breast cancer operation in June 2000.
  • Metastasized to lymph in June 2002, and was diagnosed as malignant lymphoma.
  • Started administering Kippogen from end of Dec., 2002.
  • Tumor marker number of malignant lymphoma reduces in Jan.,2003

◆Prostate cancer, gastric ulcer Residence in Kanagawa prefecture Age 70’s Male

Summer of 2000
He had been diagnosed as prostate cancer.
Jan.24th, 2001
He started administering Kippogen. At the same timing, he asked for far-infrared radiation lamp to be shot to where cancer was found (for carcinoma is weak to heat).
May 24th, 2001
Weight increase can be seen and am in much better condition. Meals were always made by his daughter who lives nearby but he is able to go out and eat by himself so his daughter is also relieved. He is able to go out for a drive with his nephew.
May 28th, 2001
Post card arrived to our company. The following are the details.I hope you are doing well. (Abstract)Thanks to Kippogen, I was able to discontinue hormone injections for prostate cancer. Also my weight which was 55kg has gained 2 kg to 57kgs and I feel good. The gastric ulcer that was found at the same time is also recovering. Although humans are made to age and death cannot be prevented, I would like to live without other people’s strength. Thank you again.
Sep.10th, 2001
We received an e-mail from a neighbor who lives nearby and introduced Kippogen to Mr.S「Good morning. I received a happy report. The cancer numberings of Mr.S has reduced to a level which is not necessary to worry anymore. I think he will make a call by himself but I was so happy to hear the news that I e-mailed. Thank you.」

◆After breast cancer operation Age 39 Female

Jun.13th, 2001
She had conservative treatment performed for breast cancer 3 weeks ago and is attending radiation therapy everyday that is scheduled to finish in 20 days. Large carcinoma was resected but small sized one’s which were found was left to be treated with radiation therapy. Side effect might be the reason for her lost appetite and dull face color.

The below is the e-mail from Ms.O and the actual conversation.

June 30th (from e-mail)
2 weeks has passed since administering Kippogen. Rynack(name of radiation therapy machine) did not have much side effect and finished the therapy. 「Try drinking if you can.」is what the doctor said and I am able to drink alcohol, has appetite even though normally after radiation therapy one’s appetite will reduce. The injection which was performed twice a week to stop the reduction of the white blood cells has been stopped for my swelling was bad but no problem has risen. Is this all due to Kippogen? My friends and my boyfriend say that I look fine and that I do not look like a person who underwent cancer operation.
July 1st (met in person)
This day, I saw her in person and we went for Korean BBQ. She ate a lot and drank a lot. She seemed much positive compared to before.
July 8th (met in person)
Had dinner together, another person was there at the same time but the person who ate and drank the most is Ms.O.
July 25th (from e-mail)
I am back from small trip from Izu and am fighting with weight that I put on. The other day I fasted 2 days but lost to the hunger and ate. Fasting is difficult for a person who loves to eat. (Abstract)My condition is great at the moment. But I cannot lose weight. I’ve gained 2 kg but I guess being healthy is best.
July 29th (met in person)
It seems that she has forgotten about cancer. Her main concern was weight gain and that her uniform won’t fit when going back to work in September. She is to have CT examination and blood test once in a month.

The tests results in Sep., showed that carcinoma could not be confirmed. But the ache when holding heavy things near where the operation was performed and swelling of the left arm would not improve.

March, 2003(from e-mail)
I am back to work from this March. My swelling has not improved and it hurts whenever I hold heavy things but I am doing fine. I am taking 1 ? per day.

A few days later her e-mail, I met her in person. My first impression was that she seemed in a good shape. Her examination has become once in 2 months. Her blood tests and tumor marker has become normal. Her leukocyte and liver function was out of the normal range before administering Kippogen, but to her surprise the current situation shows that her numbers are normal. If one is a heavy smoker, as is the situation with Ms.O, it is not abnormal for the numbers to go over ten thousand, but she has not reduced her heavy smoking habit. Consequently, she drinks 1 bottle of wine everyday but to her surprise her liver function was totally normal.

◆Anticancer therapy after undergoing breast cancer operation Age 47 Female

After having an operation to remove breast cancer, the side effect of anticancer treatment was severe. After administering Kippogen, within a week the side effects have reduced.

◆Uterus Cancer Age 33 Female

Recent medical history : None

Medicine/Dietary Supplement: None

Sep.6th to 19th of 2001. Took natural brachet fungas infused with water and remain young(pill) and remain young water.
Aug 30th
After sexual intercourse a slight irregular bleeding was seen. ⇒ consulted a doctor
Further examination Cancer test
MRI test
Uterus cancer adenocarcinoma suspected Stage 1
Operation womb removal
Tissue taken for examination showed Stage 1 b
Stage 1
More than 1cm of cavity was seen so if a round operation was performed it would have been another operation. No metastasize could be seen therefore an additional therapy is not necessary.
Kippogen administered period:
Sep.24th to Oct.24th 2001(up until today)
「Excluding Oct.1st 18:00 to Oct.4th 15:00」
3 packs per day

Consumed type: Powder type(from Oct.30th pill type)

sChange in symptoms

Sep.24th 11:00
First drink After 30 minutes, my body became warm and my appetite has become twice the usual amount! This was a great surprise!


01 Hospitalized Temperature 36.3 C Weight 42.0kg
02 Operation
04 Started to walk, and was moved to a large bedroom.
05 Walking, a large amount of lymphokinesis was leaking from the drain insertion entrance.
06 Instillation finished, from this day the lymphokinesis in about twice in an hour.
09 2 bottles of blood collection condition fine
10 Temperature 36.7 C Normal, half removal of stitch
11 37.0 ℃ to 36.7 C Finished stitch removal
15 37.4 ℃ (sevson100mg.miyaBM1g) 3 timesx7days

18 36.7 ℃ Moved to a far room(this room had bad ventilation)

25 37.0 ℃ Dullness, low blood pressure
26 36.8 ℃ Dullness
27 36.9 ℃ BP pack was taken off
28 36.8 ℃ Blood collection, start of drain cut
29 36.4 ℃ Bleeding from cervix
30 37.0 ℃ Left drainage ache.
Could not take meal (1 nauzerin)
31 37.4℃ Morning all the drain falls out, vomits after lunch (1 nauzerin)


01 37.1℃ Morning (sevzone100mg.miyaBM1g) 3timesx7days
After lunch roxisonine60mgx1 tablet
02 36.8℃ Bleeding of cervix 08:00 roxisonine60mgx1 tablet
12:20 nauzerin 1 tablet, 17:00 roxisonine60mgx1 tablet
03 37.4℃ Bleeding from cervix/Dullness
04 37.2℃ Bleeding from cervix/Dullness
05 36.8℃ Took a shower for the first time since hospitalization. Feels good.
06→12 Bleeding from neck but recovered.

I really feel that thanks to Kippo my appetite has recovered. In my opinion as a whole, I have felt that there is a difference of potential power that one individual holds such as how and where that person was born, naturally born power to cure, and also what that person eats and consumes every day.

Perhaps my good condition was the reason for my movement of room which was the most far from the nurse station. Since the hospital was old the temperature room has drastically changed and I felt my weakness to the change. My regrets were how my body felt weak to the change of temperature.

Although meals were taken in mind calorie calculation was not made. At the time around the drain was taken off, my health was unstable and my leukocyte number was 1.4 times the normal situation, during the period when taking pain relievers. I apologize that I do not have the precise numbers.

What I expect from Kippo is to become a product that will improve “the natural born power that the individual holds”. Otherwise, what I felt during my hospitalization when going under anticancer therapy is the differences of natal power that one individual holds. There was 2 different paths for the cancer patients, depending on that individuals strength and marrow to produce the “white blood cells”, one’s therapy was prolonged or was able to take the therapy. The therapy method and the variation of cancer were varied as that of those individual’s but I have recommended Kippo to patients who share the same room.

From end of April, I moved from Nagano prefecture to Tokyo. At the moment, I am able to live a nearly normal life. The other day, I wore my first “high heel” shoes (5cm). All of these I am able to do are because of Kippogen.

Progress Report

Post operation progress

When searching for an apartment in Tokyo, I had to put my feet up on a chair when using the Shinkansen and always wore stretchable stockings.

In the morning 1 pack of Kippo, the usual walk was less than 1.5km. I could walk only very slowly. During daytime, my lymph became swollen and had to take a rest once in an hour or more.

My thighs were swollen and puffy when wearing pants and since I did not have any muscle, arthritis occurred in my right foot. That day I took Kippogen (extra pack just this day) and had my legs massaged. The next day now neither puffiness nor swelling was experienced. Nor did I feel any muscle pain, other than my husband who had muscle pain from the massage he did for me.

After that I always take 1 pack every morning, for I was able to walk, I started driving but sometimes I felt pain in the root of my thighs when pressing the gear. Therefore my drive was always 10 minutes or less!(No need to worry country sides will go to 7 to 8 km!)

My legs will swell up so I would have to take a rest at least 30 minutes after driving. But the swell of the roots of my thighs has reduced day by day. 2 weeks later when coming to Tokyo to sign my contract, no arthritis and my foot felt light! Is this all because I’m taking Kippogen?

April, Preparation for moving and housework, and was busy taking care of the children.
May, Moved at the beginning and did the necessary work after moving.

Medical examination from the doctor

1. Until May once in 4 weeks
2. From May, once in 8 weeks

(Other than operation, I did not have additional therapies and only had to change Estraderm M once in 2 days. No hormone injections nor radiation therapy or any other administration of medicines! This I emphasize for patients who are in the same stage or in a light stage like myself usually have 4 injections in a month, or have to take medicine administration !⇒depending on the doctor’s method.)

During the end of May to June, being busy, my laziness and lack of stock had made me forget to take Kippogen and my condition became bad. My appetite declined and I was not able to take meals. I am doing fine now! I eat pork everyday!

One other thing, I usually buy specially ordered stocking that costs 20 thousand yen. New stocking were necessary in 4 months, and at least 4 pairs were needed. But since I take Kippo it is economical for I only need 4 pair of stockings that costs 6 thousand yen per pair.

◆Post operation or uterus cancer Age in 50’s Female

My aunt had an operation 4 years ago for uterus cancer, and just a year ago she had a lump resected of the size of 5cm from her left head.

After the effect of the operation of uterus cancer, she did not feel that urine was full in her bladder. She would always say that she feels heavy. From my friend, I was introduced Kippo.

That was 2 months ago and my aunt took Kippogen everyday and to my surprise she looks better day by day.

At the moment her urine bladder that was paralyzed has gradually come back. By seeing how well my aunt is doing, I deeply appreciate Kippo. Please keep up the good job to keep people healthy.

◆Larynx cancer Age 70’s Male

Was in Stage 3 of larynx cancer and was able to feel by palpation, but after administering Kippogen, confirmed by X-ray within 4 months that the cancer had diminished.

◆Gallbladder cancer Age 70’s Female (Mother-in-law of pharmacist)

Jun. 2003 4cm of gallbladder cancer was confirmed by X-ray.
Oct. 2003(4 month later) Confirmed by X-ray, the size has shrunken to half the size.No metastasized cancer was found, no pain.

◆Brain tumor metastasized from the cerebral to bone marrow Age 50’s Male

Metastasis has occurred to the brain and the bone marrow from brain tumor so it was considered that no many remaining days were left. The anticancer therapy was in a cycle of administering for 10 consecutive days and 10 days of rest.

In June 2000, he started Kippogen. The day after the first administration, he felt good.
In September 2000, the patient passed away. But at the time he started Kippogen, he was in a situation that he death is possible any time, and his family has called to express their 「appreciation for prolonging his life」.

◆Pituitary gland cancer Age 55 Female

She was diagnosed ad pituitary gland cancer 10 years ago. Subjective symptoms were obstruction of sight (vision weakness in her left eye, deficit of ? sight), vision weakness during night time and amenorrhea.

Jun. 25th 2003
Initial administration of 6 packs of Kippogen. The cancer size was 41mm in length and 38mm in breadth.

Jun. 29th 2003
Her vision seems slightly better. From the morning there are times that she could feel that her sight has become better.

Jul. 22nd 2003
MRI photographs were taken mainly around the pituitary gland.Test results Impression: Can confirm that the pituitary cancer has developed.

Oct. 2003
Compared to the time she had difficulty of vision in night time, her vision has improved.

Nov. 24th 2003
Her menstruation started again after over 10 years.

This MRI shows that the cancer has shrunk to the length of 40mm and breadth of 30mm. It may be considered that due to this effect the improvement of vision and her menstruation had started.

By taking Kippogen, the cancer had reduced and their strength and appetite showed an increase. Kippogen acts to cancer in any body parts. It is also effective to hemic cancer.