Cerebral infarction

Cerebral infarction

◆Cerebral infraction Age 36 Female

From aftereffect of cerebral infraction, severe headaches, memory disorder, bad breath, snoring, slack of face,(is it pickwick syndrome?), constipation, rheumatism, arteriosclerosis, swollen face, hands and feet.

She started taking Kippogen from April 4 2002, 3 packs per day.

[ April 1 ]

I have attacks of severe headaches from a year ago. I live a normal life, but I forget what I said and forget conversations I had with others.

Half a year ago I was diagnosed that I am in the tendency to become cerebral infraction but that is all what I have been said. I will go to the hospital that I had MRI photographs taken 10 years ago.

[ April 4 ]

[ April 10 ]

I will report my mother’s condition.

The first thing I feel is that my mother’s headache seems better. It would be much better if she stopped yelling to my grandmother.

I will later send her diet list.

She had very bad breath but these days they have reduced. My mother is now being seen by a doctor in order to have her snoring improved. She has been told that depending on the situation operation may be conducted, but I hope to have her cured just by Kippogen.

◆Aftereffect of cerebral infraction Age 42 Male

After 1 month of administration, improvement was seen in the aftereffect of cerebral infraction.