Climacteric Disturbance

Climacteric disturbance

Change in numercial value of biochemistry inspection before and after administering Kippogen.

◆Target subject
◆Before administering Kippogen
Symptoms of climacteric disturbance appear in Oct., 2000 after menopause.
Hotness and chillness repeats, and her hands shake like rheumatism.
◆After administering Kippogen
Just after the administration in April 2001, the repeated hotness and chillness has decreased. Her menstruation has started again after 2 and a half month later, her whole body feeling full of energy.

The below is the numerical value fluctuation of in biochemistry before and after administering Kippogen.(From Feb., 20/2001 to May 31/2001).

Research laboratory, PINNACLE LABS, INC., (Utah, U.S.) Original in English, preserved at KIPPO.

item description 2001.2.20 2001.5.31 Unit
DHEA・Sulfate Precursor of male and female hormone secreted from adrenal gland. 126.00 159.00 mcg/dl
Estradil A potent oestrogen. -32.00 125.00 pg/ml
Progensterone A kind of female 0.80 6.50 ng/ml
Somatomadic -C Peptide hormone that is produced in the liver; stimulates the growth of bone and muscle. 209.00 192.00 ng/ml
Testosterone Free Male hormone 2.30 3.00 pg/ml
Testosterone Free% Male hormone(%) 1.54 1.14 %
Testosterone Total Male hormone(Total) 15.00 26.00 ng/ml
Mineral Chloride 106.00 107.00 mEp/l
Potassium 4.10 4.50 mEq/l
Sodium 142.00 142.00 mEp/l
Lipids Cholesterol HDL + LDL 224.00 193.00 mg/dl
Coronary Risk Ratio Normal range 3.74-4.55 4.23 3.57 ratio
HDL To carry cholestero in the bloodstream 53.00 54.00 mg/dl
LDL High level positive risk factor for coronary artery disease 149.00 104.00 mg/dl
Trigycerides High levels diabetes,high blood pressure,arteriosclerosis 109.00 176.00 mg/dl
VLDV A carrier for cholesterol and fats 22.00 35.00 mg/dl
Liver Alkaline Phosphatase An enzyme made of liver 58.00 85.00 U/l
ALT Elevated levels of ALT-AST sign of liver damage from disease or drugs 28.00 16.00 U/l
AST same as above 26.00 18.00 U/l
Billrubin Direct high level=yellowing of the skin 0.10 0.10 mg/dl
Billrubin Total high level=yellowing of the skin 0.40 0.40 mg/dl
γGTP Elevated above normal in hepatitis 18.00 17.00 U/l
Thyroid T-3 Free Two main hormones produced by the thyroid gland 3.00 3.00 pg/ml
T-4Free, non-dialysis Two main hormones produced by the thyroid gland 1.30 1.20 ng/dl
TSH Up of productivity of T-3 and T-4. 0.64 1.90 ulU/ml


There was an increase of 25% in DHEA which is the precursor to male and female hormone, and the estrogenic hormone has increased by 5 times. The risk of pathema coronary artery has decreased within the range, and 30% of cholesterol has decreased. Items other than the above have improved within normal standard.

There is a country which warns that there is a higher risk for cancer when synthetic DHEA is administered, but there is no need to worry of a side effect if activated by you. Kippo does not detect steroids, a TNF-a immune DHEA.

◆Climacteric disturbance Female

This is superb!
The irritation that I used to feel that swell up from the tip of my head has diminished! My appreciations!

◆Climacteric disturbance Female

This is the 3rd Sunday after starting Kippo, and I did not have a headache.
(Each Sunday afternoon, I used to feel headaches)

◆Autonomic imbalance from ovariosalpingectomy, Hepatitis C Age 60 Female

Few years ago, from twisted ovary, I had an ovariosalpingectomy. Since then,
I have been prescribed estrogen (female sex hormone), but it did not go well and became autonomic imbalanced. I have tried many various Kampo, but they all did not work out. After administering Kippogen, I felt clear and positive. The hepatitis C that I have been with for 30 years is still positive, but the virus count has become 0.
*There are other examples which showed virus count of 0 in hepatitis C.

◆Osteoporosis Age 75 and 78 (sisters)

At first, her 78 sister had started using Kippogen. Her physical strength and stamina was weak, and had trigeminal neuralgia and empyema. Starting after a month, her strength and stamina has gradually improved. She started in spring and in the winter she did not catch a cold or the flu. After a year and a half, she has realized that her empyema has been cured.

Her elder sister, who saw how well her sister is doing, started taking Kippogen. She felt strength, and felt more positive. Her hip joint had been diagnosed that surgery was necessary for her thighbone is the cause of achiness. She took 30 tablets everyday (normally 20 tablets) and ate pork and drank milk. Aching is still felt, but surgery was cancelled for a new crater like bone from which where it was flat has grown.

◆Diabetes・osteoporosis Age 56 Female

I went to the hospital for I felt lumbago so severely that I had to lie down every afternoon. I was diagnosed as osteoporosis. I took Kippo and took care to take meals full of calcium. For that reason, the lumbago alleviated and progression of osteoporosis had ceased. As for diabetes, the blood sugar which was above 180 had lowered to 140. Pyorrhea cured.
Remarks: We were not able to ask of diet restriction and blood sugar measurements.