Dementia・Parkinson disease

[ Kippogen’s explanation of the improvement effect in dementia ]

  • 1.

    Function to regenerate the blood vessels of cerebrovascular cells.
    HGH has the function to regenerate and to reinforce the cells. For that reason it is possible to regenerate the blood vessels.

  • 2.

    Eliminates the thrombus within the blood vessels of cerebrovascular cells.
    HGH has the function to metabolize and burn fat and discharges LDL outside the body. Also, HGH acts to increase the thyroid hormone metabolism and thyroid gland hormone have the function to restrain arteriosclerosis.

  • 3.

    Function to increase the cerebral blood flow
    HGH acts to increase the blood flow. Dementia will improve due to blood circulation to cerebrovascular cells.

  • 4.

    Function to improve memories
    HGH acts to protect and reinforce the cells within the body including the cerebral cells. Among them the improvement of the memory is said to be remarkable.

[ Does it solve only dementia? ]

We sometimes get questions from the patient’s family. 「Even though the patients dementia improves, don’t they have the burden from other causes? For instance, when the consciousness recovers, and if one cannot move freely as their will, won’t it be inconvenient for them?」The answer to that is 「No need to worry, Kippogen is possible to solve dementia and other causes and diseases as well.」

By taking Kippogen, the secretion of the HGH will increase. Therefore it is possible to stop aging and reinforce youth. In addition it will activate weakened heart, improve symptoms such as urine protein, and kidney failure.

Kippogen has the function to regenerate the organs such as the heart, kidney, liver, pancreas, as well as thymus gland, which is essential to the immune system. It activates the T cells which enhances the immune system and acts to keep all the body cells to its possible healthiest level. It decreases the body fat, blood pressure, cholesterol, lightens skins age lines, enhances hair re-growth, and improves the memory.

If one patient has 5 to over 10 several maladies (unhealthy=multiple organ failure) by administering Kippogen, it is possible to (solve=become healthy) those failure and troubles.

[ Pilot study of cerebrovascular dementia ]

Report of Test Results

We hereby report the test results of cerebrovascular dementia conducted by Konan Medical and Health Research Department.The results of the test of dementia caused from cerebral blood vessel are as follows.

Test Method

   We administered Kippogen to cerebrovascular dementia patients for approximately 40 to 50 days.

Basic criteria of improvement in dementia

   The below is the measurement of cerebral blood flow of cerebrovascular dementia patients, before and after administering Kippogen using SPECT, and the measured number of MMSE.


   All of the patients who took Kippogen had an increase in the number of cerebral blood flow and in MMSE readings.

MMSE Numbers 24.32% increase
sex age before administration after administration
TesteeA male 67 20 23
TesteeB female 75 12 13
TesteeC male 69 13 15
TesteeD female 72 13 17
TesteeE male 65 16 24
Average 14.8 18.4

The MMSE point range from 15~23 is light to mild dementia patients and up to this number, it is considered that recovery is possible within 2 months. Needless to say,if the tests are extended, the number will increase.

When the MMSE number is below 14, it is classified as severe dementia and difficulty will arise in self care. Normally diagnosis of dementia is made from this level and recovery is considered scarce but when Kippogen was administered, the MMSE number and the cerebral blood flow have increased.

[ Case ]

◆Cerebrovascular dementia Age 69 Male

A diabetes patient, using hypoglycemic agent together, the blood sugar level has decreased from 280 to 110 in a month. His skin became fair and clear. When taking a walk in the park, it used to take an hour to go around the whole park but it has shortened to 40 minutes.

Before administering Kippogen, the symptoms were that dates and weeks could not be identified. Even after informing the dates, he will forget the dates within 30 minutes. The water tap was kept running, turning off the TV and taking meals were always forgotten.

After 2 months, he asked「Today is 0/0/ isn’t it?」, and was able to recognize the date.

10 days later, he remembered that he had forgotten to clean up after ceramic art class and was able to identify by himself the date and the time that he needed to clean up. Around that timing, he started to notice his own situation and had commented that 「Recently, I’m demented, therefore I’m slow and so is my calculation.」His counselor’s comment was that 「 That kind of comment will not come out if you are really demented .」

After half a year, he had added one more ceramics art lesson. By that time, he was able to understand the future schedules by saying,「 I’m busy this week. I have 2 ceramics art class. 」. Also he was able to put on his PC and play mahjong games, able to finish the game and turn off the game when time to eat.

◆Alzheimer disease Age 82 Female

From her daughter
My mother is now taking prescribed medicines from the hospital for dementia but her symptoms have not improved. In case of taking Kippogen together with the prescribed medicine, do we have to stop taking the prescribed medicine from the hospital?

I am interested in Kippo. My mother gets lost during making meals, takes approximately 2 hours for easy calculation, and asks the same questions over and over. The doctors say that she is a step behind intermediate symptom of Alzheimer. I would like for her to recover to take off my father’s burden. Since I live separately from my mother, I worry if my mother will take the tablets regularly as instructed,and will her symptoms actually recover?

I visited my mother and to my surprise, her symptoms seem to be much better. She sometimes forgets to take the tablets but she is able to speak smoothly. She is not aware that she is getting better, I recommended for her to keep taking Kippogen. Thank you very much.

◆Alzheimer disease Age 76 Female (Mail from her son)

We received 2 boxes last month. I bought it for my mother (age 76) for she has been diagnosed as Alzheimer disease and am attending the hospital once in 2 weeks to have medicines prescribed. Her brain seems to be shrinking and her symptoms are very similar to dementia originated Alzheimer’s disease (my hopes are that it is a mistake). She has been taking the tablets from Feb. 25th, (I directly gave her the tablets for 3 days, but the rest is given by the house-keeper) and including today 20 days have passed by. My parent’s house is in Kobe so I have to ask someone for her to take Kippogen. I went back from Mar.9th to 11th and my personal opinion is that she seems at peace and her care keeper has told me that her toilet mistakes have reduced.

From last month 30th, 31st, 1st and the 3rd, I visited my parent’s house in Kobe. There is not drastic change in her appearances, but when speaking to her, she speaks much firmer and her reactions seem to be faster than before. Her care keeper told me that her sleeping rash was awful but this time the nurse was surprised by her fast recovery. She also stopped blabbering nonsense (this I heard from my sister), but she is still not able to stay in one place quietly, and walks around her bedside. My mother had 2 operations last year and she is sick all over. Could it be that all of the nutrition’s are not being absorbed just only to her head?

I went back for 3 days, and what I can do for her is to do her groceries, so I mainly bought pork, tuna, eggs, egg processed food, and put it in the refrigerator. Another food is sea-chicken (tuna can), sashimi, and salmon for I remembered tuna was written somewhere in Kippo article. I would like to ask if this is a ake that salmon was written? I read that Kippo’s function is important to mix with what we consume so I am very much concerned about meals.

I called my sister and she informed me that her doctor said that her appearance seems well. I said to her that it is just the doctors’ talk, but she herself said that my mother seems in good shape.

Regarding how to take Kippogen, with my single opinion, when I went back in the end of April I had her stop taking anti-depressant that was prescribed from the hospital and reduced the amount from 3 times to 2 per day. She had been taking Kippogen for 10 consecutive days, 3 times per day. At least I had her take them directly for 5 days.

After that my father made a problem again. My mother had a diarrhea while I came back to Tokyo and my father said that it is because of Kippogen. My father made up a story that Kippogen is constipation pills, and sadly my mother took it as he said. She was reluctant to take them at first but I begged for her to take the tablets for I was afraid that she won’t take them from now. This is the story from the end of April to up to May 13th.

My mother does not seem well. She says that she feels dullness and dizziness. She is able to go out once a week to take a walk. If I ask her to go out more often, she will answer that she feels dull so if she feels okay the next day, she might go out for a walk the day after. My mother is making decisions by how she is feeling that day and not by the motivation to take a walk, so I guess it is good for her mentally in a way.

Concerning memory and forgetfulness, feeling guilty to my mother we had her tested on May 12th. If my memory is correct, the test MMSE is made by asking a question and next the questionnaire will ask a different question or talk of another different subject. Then they will ask the first question and test if the patient remembers the first answer.

I was told that my mother did not know what day that day was, so she was informed that today is Sunday. They talked of another subject and afterwards, she was asked what day that was. She was able to answer correctly that it was Sunday. It might have been a coincidence so after a while she was asked the same question again. She was able to answer correctly as the first time. We had her tested the next day and the result was the same. Before this test, we had her tested in Jan. and Feb. and the result was that she could not answer correctly. For this reason we thought that she will not be able to answer the question, and to our surprise this time she was able to answer correctly. We were surprised and overwhelmed at the same time. Can I consider that this is due to Kippogen? I told her that Kippogen is great and she (my mother) said it is nonsense. Around January, she forgot that she had taken meals but recently the situation has changed.

◆Alzheimer disease Age 97 Female

In July 2004, we had a phone call from a lady taking care of her mother-in-law who is 100 years old and is Alzheimer disease. The patient has been Alzheimer from age 97 and has been taking Kippogen since then. The caller said that「She will become 100 in July and thanks to Kippogen she is doing very well. The other day, her doctor said that there is nothing we can do for her for she is old, but is this true? She is healthy for she is taking Kippogen right?」.My mother-in-law says that 「I feel much better than last year」.She also says nice things as 「In order not to bother your time, I have to be in good shape」

She started Kippogen from age 97 and is becoming clearer by each year. When meeting her neighbor she is able to converse normally, but she will forget that she has met someone.

As we talked we found out that her fine health is related to her diet habit. She favors tuna, especially middle part of the tuna. Tuna is balanced in amino acid and is said to include plenty of DHA which is said to be effective for Alzheimer disease. Another factor is that she favors meat as well as fish.

◆Parkinson disease Age 70 Male

Male in his 70’s who was diagnosed as Parkinson disease in May, 2003. His daughter recommended Kippogen, but he only took prescribed medicines from the hospital. His foot started to ache and eventually he could not even drive. But last November, due to the side effect of the prescribed medicines, his family persuaded him to stop the prescribed medicines and change to Kippogen.

Mar.5th, 2004 (5 months after taking Kippogen) contents from the phone call Last week, he drove a round trip when his wife and her sister went on a trip from Toyohashi to Ajiro.

◆Parkinson disease Age 85 Female

Her symptoms which were shaking of the hands, muscular stiffness, dizziness, numbness of the hands and legs started from 1984.

At the moment, she is not able to walk alone.
During meal time, she eats small cut portions with her hands.

2Started from May of 2000, 2 times per day 1 pack Morning and Evening
After using Kippogen

Compared to before the shaking of the body has reduced.
She cannot walk alone, she will try to walk by trying to put her feet in front of her, she feels that her leg which is paralyzed is able to move.
She feels that the numbness has reduced.
Her constipation and her gastric expansion has decreased.

◆Juvenile Dementia Age 50’s Male (Mail from her nephew)

A month has passed since starting Kippogen. My uncle seems in good shape. I went back to my parent’s home the other day and his expression can be seen, he laughs a lot, and compared to before I feel that he converses more. This is an amazing change, just in one month. My parents are satisfied also. Thank you very much.

◆Care needed elderly・Dementia Age 80 Female

She was hospitalized and could not walk nor was able to get up from her bed, but within a week, she tried to get out of bed and in 2 weeks she said that she wanted to take care of herself.

◆Care needed elderly Age 80 Female

Due to her age, she was in need of care helper in daily life. After a month of administering Kippogen, she no longer needed care helper and was able to make her own bed. She was able to travel alone by using an airplane to her daughter (her climacteric disturbance was solved in 3 days.) in Tokyo. At that time she fell and hit her hips but her recovery seems faster than before. (To fall is to mean that she was able to walk. If she was bedded she would not have the chance to go out.) In 2 months her eyesight has recovered and needed to change eyeglasses.