Heart disorder

Heart disorder

Cases and clinical trial tests varying on diseases

Myocardial infarction, stenocardia

◆Myocardial infarction Age 70’s Male

June 1997
He had his first myocardial infarction attack but since the parts could not be operated he had been administered medicine to solve the blood clot.

July 2000
He had another attack and this time had balloon therapy and had his veins spread. Kippogen was administered everyday and a month later to see progress catheter was done.


the blood veins have spread
blood flow is good
no necrosis was seen in the myocardial
decrease of cholesterol

Therefore his appearance is good and is enjoying his daily life. He is able to live a happy life and that has influenced my mother and she is happy also.

My father said to me this on this years father’s day that “I don’t need anything for father’s day for you have been giving me Kippogen. Thank you“

◆Stenocardia,cardiomegaly Age 88 Female

From her hypertension, she had heart disorder and stenocardia, cardiomegaly for 30 years. My mother who always carried nitro with her had become 88 this autumn. 3 years ago she had been told by her orthopedicc doctor that her bones have weakened and lumbago and neck pain is occuring for that reason. But since we met Kippo, her blood pressure had stablized and from this summer she no longer needs to use medicine for hypertension. She now forgets to use nitro.

My mother also goes out to see movies with me and see almost all the new movies premiered. She no longer feels pain in her legs and I believe that all this happiness was brought from Kippo. Since I was a child I have seen that my mother is weak but all that has changed, thanks to Kippo and it might sound funny but my opinion now is that if I could be healthy like her at the age of 88, it’s not bad to become old.

◆Stenocardia Female

Ever since administering Kippogen, I am relieved from acute chest pain that used to occur regulary.

◆Heart failure, cardiomegaly Age 73 Female

Sep. 2002
She was hospitalized for extrasystole and atrial fibrillation and had been diagonosed as heart failure 2 times. Before administering Kippogen, her blood pressure was 120 to 130, her pulse readings were below 130.(If above 130, she needs to be hospitalized)
Started Kippogen
May 10
The atrium vein and the heart beat that extrasystole brings and causes heart failure had ceased. Also the feeling of beating to the brain is alleviated.
May 23,2006
Periodical medical examination at the hospital
Cardiomegaly has reduced for the heart had contracted
Her pulse reading had cut 120.(Her maximum was 138 and was hospitalized at that time)
May 25,2006
Her breathing has become easier compared to before and her pulse readings are 80.
June 2006
She is doing so fine that she is now able to go out to Karaoke and play mah-jon at nights. She stopped talking about written consent of prolinging life.