◆Hystermyoma Age 40 Female Ms. A

The size of the hystermyoma before administering Kippogen was the size of a male head. Other symptoms were hyperventilation, dizziness, and panic so that she would yell on the streets to people she did not know. She also had severe stiffness of the shoulders. In about 3 months, her hyperventilation symptoms became relieved, and her conditions were better. Half a year ago, she had her hystermyoma checked and saw that it had shrunk to 3.7cm. The only different thing that she did was taking Kippogen, so she and her husband rejoiced that 「this is all due to the power of Kippo」

◆Menstrual pain, coldness of the hands and feet, premenstrual syndrome Age 30’s Female

When she was 28, the coldness of her hands and feet, the decline of metabolism, premenstrual syndromes such as irritation, pimples, abdominal pain, increase of weight, catching cold, light fever around 37℃before menstruation was admitted. After the first box, an improvement in the coldness of the hands and the feet was seen. 2 boxes after, her weight which was 54kg lost weight to 50.8kg, and her body fat had lowered to 17% from 25%.

She started to get fat from around 5 years old; her weight was 83kg when she was in high school. After she started working, she was picked on for being fat, and for that reason she could not sleep nor eat and became neurosis. The weight that was 83kg went down to 39kg. Her friend was her weight scale for the fear for being picked on when she gained weight again. Was it her condition type, if she did not eat, she was able to keep her weight; if she ate the amount that she ate was put on. From her personal opinion, she experiences weight rebound from the aftereffect of 「yo-yo diet」. She repeated back and forth for 4 years and gradually came to a normal level.

After administering Kippogen, since the results came out so well that she stopped taking them for 3 months. That lead to experiencing severe menstrual pain, and she was not able to stand. During that time, to take measures she tried another method. She hurriedly bought 1 box of Kippogen and just after she took 1 pack, her pain was relieved in 2 hours. She was able to go back to work afterwards. Taking that experience, she has been continuing to take 1 pack per day. At another time, she found that she had warts on her hands. Even in the advanced science, warts are still mystery why they occur. From the hospital, she was prescribed Kampo. Since the symptoms did not change, she started to consume 3 packs of Kippo per day, to which the wart had completely disappeared in a month.

We will report one of a valuable experiment. For she was on a diet, she did not eat meat at all. But when we advised her to eat 150g of pork per day with Kippogen, her hair became to grow faster. Her hair used to grow about 1cm in a month, but now nearly 2cms will grow. If it was only Kippogen, hair growth will be approximately 1.5cm, but it has proved that it is important to take about 150g of balanced amino food together.

◆Severe menstrual pain, menstrual disorder (25days to 45days) Age 31 Female

During the menstruation, lumps will come out often. After starting Kippogen, the menstrual pain had drastically improved. The cycle has stabilized to 30days and the lumps that used to come out had decreased.

◆Menstrual disorder Age 23 Female

When she became a sophomore, her menstruation would only come once to twice a year. Skin rash which was red and swollen could be seen over her whole face. 1 and a half month after administering Kippogen, her menstruation started. Since then, from the rate of 1 to 2 month, her menstruation came, total up to 7 times in a year. The skin rash had eventually ceased and the red face had been cured. Throughout the year, she did not catch a cold.