Incurable diseases

Incurable diseases

◆Intracranial hypotension syndrome (cerebrospinal fluid hypovolemia) Age 37 Female

Apr.,18 2007
10 days have passed since starting Kippogen a safe, non side effect treatment as explained.
My first symptoms were that there was a leak from parts that cerebrospinal fluid usually circulates. For severer pain, I could not sleep in any way. But after administration my headache has nearly diminished.
My pain in the neck depends on the weather but that pain had also alleviated. Since my days started with Kippogen is still shallow and am not yet to say that all pain has cured, but I am happy to feel that I might be on my way to recovery. My change in conditions are more joyful for I have been in a painful state for 3 years.
I would like to report my mid term progress.(1 month have passed)
Name of disease:Intracranial hypotension syndrome(cerebrospinal fluid hypovolemia)
Cause of appearance of disease: Traffic accident(2004)
Headache, neck and back pain, dizziness, nausia, memory disorder, dementia, vision weakness, depending on the weather.Also fatigue is severly felt.
For the above symptoms, her daily actions were restricted and after work and Sat. and Sun.were always spent in bed. The atmospheric pressure makes her bedridden and she can not understand the cause of her bad conditions.

Afer administration, she felt dullness in her chest and drauziness. After 10 days her shoulders had felt lighter and felt much better.

As for fatigue, she does not feel tired as before. Cervical vertebra damage is still the cause of pain in her neck but her headaches have reduced and hope to head for full recovery.

I take 3 packs per day but I increase my amount depending on my conditions.

The above is my mid term report.

◆Spinocerebellar degeneration Diabetes, enlarged prostate Age 68 Male

Mid Feb., 2003
Started Kippogen
March, 2003
I feel that as for spinocerebellar degeneration and enlarged prostate has slightly improved.
July, 2003 (100 days after administration)
As for spinocerebellar degeneration, I could only stand for 1 second standing on 1 foot but now I can stand for 3 seconds.
August 2003
The disease that was most worrisome was spinocerebellar degeneration but my doctor says “I wonder where did that all go?”. There was a time when I felt danger whenever I stood on one foot with my eyes closed, or going down the stairs without handrail but all these have improved.
June 2004

6 years have passed since diagnosed as spinocerebellar degeneration and at that time I was diagnosed for my MRI photographs indicated my cerebellum state.
2 years have passed since occurance and have been taking MRI photographs since 4 years ago. I was diagnosed as light stage and in 2 years there will not be a drastic progress.

I have been put on observation for 5 years, attending the hospital every 2 to 4 weeks.

I have started Kippo just a year and half before. My attendance cycle has changed to 57 days from 14 to 28 days after adiministration for by examining interviews progress was not admitted.

My doctor is wondering why my disease is not progressing and he had decided to take an MRI on Jun.29th. He will explain the results on Aug.5th .

My subjective symptoms have definitely improved from 2 years.

  • I am able to walk straight.
  • I can move up and down the stairs holding something in my hands.
  • I am able to ride bicycles.
  • I used to slur when conversing but that has dissappeared.
  • I have sense of equilibrium.I haven’t fallen for this past year.
  • Forgetfullness
  • I use to forget what I intended to take out of refrigerators and closets, but now that is not the situation.
  • Keys, driver’s liscense, wallets and eyeglasses, I used to have many things to find but now that has vanished.
  • I used to forget what I bought, for example onions, potatoes, carrots. The above are just some examples.
August 2004
The other day I had my MRI results explained from my doctor. I asked him if any progression could be seen compared to 4 year and 6 year ago.

His reply was “No progression could be admitted. But there are rare cases and what will be the path to your remaining days is no longer spinocerebellar degeneration but diabetes. For your restriction and your strong will, your numbers are not bad but there is no cure to diabetes. There is no cure for spinocerebellar degeneration but there are examples of people who have lived for 30 years. There are also examples of people who could not breathe by themselves in 2 to 3 years.

The MRI results have shown nearly normal (in my opinion). My doctor would not say “You are normal”, for my disease (spinocerebellar degeneration) is considered as intractable so he can not admit that I have cured which will lead to a conclusion that he had misdianosed. So he would use phrases “Your case is very rare and was found at a very early stage so therefore progress was not admitted”.

MRI photographs have also advanced and the cerebral pictures were the size of a ping pong balls but this time the size was of baseball. I had 64 pictures taken and at least in those pictures, there was nothing irregular.( I had one the last time)

Thank you very much, and I believe that if Kippo keeps up this is good work, the law for nurse care protection 1 is sure to be deleted.