Liver disease

Cases and clinical trial tests varying on diseases

Liver disorder such as Hepititis C

◆Hepatitis C Age 63 Male

Therea re many people who have intractable diseases in this world and live happily with that and I am one of them people for I live with hepatitis C and chronic kidney disease.

I hereby introduce my hepatitis C history and my experience of my self management story.

  • October 1989
    For chronic kidney disease I had uremia and had to have emergency dialysis and this led to whole blood transfusion of 400cc. This is how I became a carrier for this blood was infected with hepatitis C.
    (At this time, the test to check the infection measures was still imperfect and this led to transfusion of polluted blood.)
  • December 1989
    Symptoms of fever, dullness, and the numbers of liver function had increased so I was hospitalized to be treated.( hospitalized for 2 weeks)

    I was discharged to rest at home for after treatment, there is nothing more to be done in order to improve the liver functions.
  • December 1991
    I have come to realize that self management controls the progosis of chronic diseases such as pancreas and liver and started initiating self management foods (A) that does not have side effects.

    This condition had stabled so I refused the doctor’s treatment (strong minophagen) and decided to coexist with the disease with only self managed food (A).
  • August 2007
    This self management food (A) had come to control the liver function numbers (GOT, GPT) to its standard level.
  • End of August 2007
  • November 2007
    I had to have a blood test regarding hepatitis C before operation for operation was needed for coexisting disease of dialysis (Secondary hyperparathyroidism)
    The results were as follows;

Based on the results the doctor who performed operation explained that in the past I had hepatitis C (virus) but the blood plasma showed minus for hepatitis C. Considered from this fact, my doctor expressed that even though there is a antibody within my body at the moment, there is worry for the virus is low.

His further explanations are as follows.

To understand the fact that when an individual is positive in antibody virus of hepatitis C and the amount test of HCV-RNA had shown under standard level, he had explained as below.

  1. Individual who has continuous hepatitis C virus and shows abnormal numbers in liver function (GOT and GPT. This is called a carrier with symptoms.
  2. Non symptom carriers who has continuous hepatitis C virus but the liver function numbers are normal.
  3. Individual who does not carry hepatitis C virus within the body. (mostly ex-carriers)

As a conclusion, Mr. Saito fits in the group of number 2 or 3 but if the test results (RNA amount test) keep showing normal numbers (5KIN/ml below), he may be classified as 3.

Others: self management food (A) Tropical plant fermentation food

◆Hepatitis C, autonomic imbalance Age 60 Female

For twisted ovary, I had hysterosalpingectomy adnoophorosalpingectomy few years ago. Since then I have been using estrogen (female sex hormone) and it did no go well and led to autonomic imbalance. I have tried out many various types of Kampo but nothing goes well. After trying Kippogen, 「 my body felt light and positive」. I have been positive for hepatitis C for 30 years but my virus count has become 0.
・There are other examples that the hepatitis C virus count has become 0.

◆Hepatitis B, thrombocytopenia Age 43 Male

Born carrier for mother-to-child transmission but a healthy carrier for his numbers of GOT and GPT was within normal level. But his virus count was above the standard so he started Kippogen with 6 packs per day. After a month his hepatitis B virus count had decreased and the platelet count had recovered to normal.

◆Fulminant hepatitis, born in Jan.18,1938, Female, Height 154.3cm, Weight 53.5kg

Progress report Octo.5, 2002
I was diagnosed as fulminant hepatitis and the reason is thought to be for chinese tea. Severe dullness was experienced and was sent to the hospital by ambulance. The blood tests show that I had become fuluminant hepatitis and was hospitalized and injection was taken. I was in critical condition and increased the Kippogen amount from 1 pack to 2.

Oct. 7
The numbers of GOT, GPT, LDH had decreased. At the timing of hospitalization the prescribed medicine was glycine (3 times per day x 2 tablets) but did not consume the prescription.
The GOT level has become standard. GPT, ALP, LDH, yGTP had lowered.
All the numbers except yGTP had come to a normal range.

medical check-up Fulminant
2/15 10/5 10/7 10/10 10/17 10/31 standard level
ZTT 7.7 6.8 6.0 7.0 8.7 2.0~12.0
GOT 27 722 86 28 23 28 8~40
GPT 23 425 304 130 41 28 5~35
ALP 209 373 378 303 215 184 100~280
LDH 1,0966 538 377 378 200~360
GTP 29 359 318 215 122 67 0~40

◆Fatty liver Age 50’s Female

For she had severe abdominal pain she went to the hospital. The results showed that the numbers of the total bililbinwas 2 (normal number is below 1), a number that shows the number for icterus. Other numbers were normal and she was diagnosed as non alcohol fatty liver. I was discharged. after being fasted and hospitalized for 5 days. When I feel my liver parts, it seems hard and started to take Kippogen 3 packs per day. 5 days after administration, my white eye parts which were yellow have turned white. After a week, I have felt that the liver parts have become soft.

◆Liver cirrhosis (initial stage)

In a month the GOT has decreased from 135 to 50. The blood sugar readings have decreased at the same time.