Metabolic syndrome / Adult disease

Cases and clinical trial tests varying on diseases

Metabolic syndrome (hypertension, diabetes, hyperlipidemia)

◆Diabetes Age 60 Female

Below is the model of an insulin non-dependent, using hypoglycemic agent.

・Before administering Kippogen

Height 150cm, weight 33kg blood sugar 250 (2 hours after meal), lost of weight for diet restriction and always felt hunger

・After administering Kippogen (discontinue of hypoglycemic agent)

Please eat whatever you please. We recommend amino balanced food such as pork, tuna, tuna cans, and eggs, which is essential to human cells. What we do not recommend is to eat 1 liter of ice cream or whole birthday cake at once. The following is the progress report.

10th day, Increase of 2 kg (35kg)
20th day, Another 3 kg increase in weight (38kg), blood sugar reading after meal is 89
30th day, Increase of 2 kg (40kg), her hunger has leveled.

Her blood sugar readings have stabilized and her weight will not increase from 40kg even if she eats a lot. Her challenge now is to make a beautiful skin.

In Y’s case, she was thin for the nutrition was being discharged from her urine as sugar. A state called malnutrition.

Before administering Kippogen her brain was sending signals that “she is hungry” for malnutrition. But after administering Kippogen normalization of the pancreas function had stopped discharging nutrition from urine. Her weight has come to an ideal weight and her brain stopped sending “hungry” signals. In this case, Kippogen acts to burn body fat and fixes the insulin so body fat and weight will decrease gradually.

Kippogen corresponds to diabetes both to losing and gaining weight. We have examples of patients who were able to say goodbye to using insulin.

◆Diabetes Spinocerebellar degeneration Age 68 Male

He started Kippo from Feb., 2003 using baysun and dioneal together.

・Diabetes number before administration

Mid 2002
Hemoglobin A1c 7.0-7.5 Blood sugar reading taken before meals 125 to 160.
Dec. 2002
Hemoglobin A1c 7.2 Blood sugar reading taken before meal 135

・Diabetes number after administration

Mar.27 2003
Hemoglobin A1c 9.5 Blood sugar reading taken before meal 238 (without diet restriction)
Apr.24 2003
Blood sugar reading taken before meal 149 (1200kcal per day, 5km of walking )

Diet example

Morning : 8 slices of bread, 180ml of milk, salad. Total 300kcal
Lunch : 1/2 noodle 60g, ramen, vegetables 300 to 400 g. Total 300 kcal
Evening : shochu 120ml, fish 100g, cheese 20g, vegetables. Total 500 kcal
Snack : fruits, 100kcal

July, 2003
Hemoglobin A1c 5.7 Blood sugar reading taken before meals 103.

For I have a small appetite, I could not eat as much as I pleased but I was able to take alcohol and took high calorie menus depending on the day.

I did not measure my acylglycerol and 7-GTP but I could imagine that my blood stream has become smooth for my blood pressure was 120 to 72.

As for diet, I recommend Kippo for compared to 6 month ago, I have lost 12kg and my waist size has reduced by 9cm. My body and soul feel lighter.

June 2004
Hemoglobin A1c 5.5 Blood sugar taken before meal 100 to 140

My doctor believes that I have tried very hard to keep a good diet and baysun and dioneal had helped me. But actually nothing has changed except for taking Kippo. For that reason I believe that I was rescued by Kippo.

◆Diabetes Age Unknown Female

April 1998 Hba1c number 11.8
August 1998 Hba1c number 8.9
Jan. 1999 Hba1C number 8.0
Her physical conditions are well. ( Others: we were not informed of diet and drinking restrictions)

◆Diabetes Age in his late 40’s Male

November 1998
The blood sugar that used to be 170 to 180 had reduced to 119 after starting Kippo. For his work he needed to go out to drink a lot but his blood sugar is now 120 to 150.
Others: We were not able to obtain information of diet and drinking restrictions.)

◆Diabetes Age 48 Female

She started Kippogen from October 1998 for diabetes. Her father had passed away from diabetes 13 years ago. She has been using hypoglycemic agents for 3 years. Her blood sugar is 300 before administration and when she changed hospitals; her new doctor indicated that she is using a very strong medicine. From that day she altered to a new medicine.

Recently she uses 1.5 dosage of hypoglycemic agents ( 1 in the morning and 0.5 in the evening) and attends the hospital once every month. Her wish is to discontinue the use of medicines if her blood sugar reduced to 100, which is now 140 to 180. Her Hba1C is 7.5 to 7.9 and when she has dance lessons every day her blood sugar will also decrease. Her weight which was 50kg was once 42kg when using hypoglycemic agents to which at the moment is 46 to 47kgs.

3 days after administering Kippo (15 tablets daily)
She has regular stools and in the past she would have to eat something sweet between lunch and dinner time in order to avoid hunger and insulin attack (such as sweating and fast heartbeat). This has all solved after administering Kippo.Others: We were not able to obtain diet, drinking restrictions at the timing of blood sugar measurement.

◆Diabetes, hypertension Age 70 Female

She would experience nose bleeding from diabetes and hypertension (over 200) and her strength had weakened. After taking Kippo, her symptoms have stabled (blood pressure 130 to 140) and became healthy.

◆Hypertension, stenocardia Age 87 Female

Oct. 1999
She started to take Kippogen.
July 2001
From her doctor’s direction, she stopped taking medicine for hypertension that she had been taking for 30 years.
August 2001
Although she stopped taking medicine, her blood pressure showed a number of 125 and her spasms of stenocardia had ceased. This also led to the discontinuation of nitroglycerine that she used to take.

◆Hypertension Age 61 Female

Oct. 1998
She had hypertension and was using an antihypertensive agent.
Nov. 1998
Her blood pressure had lowered to 138 but for she had doubts about Kippo, she said that “if I am able to keep this numbers, I will believe in Kippogen.”
1 week later she had her blood pressure measured and results showed 138 which led to her belief that “it might be because of Kippo.”
Another week past, her third measurement led to a belief of “it is definitely because of Kippo.”
January 1999
For her blood pressure had leveled she stopped administration of hypertensive agent and the numbers had risen to 153/93.

She would experience bleeding of the nose from diabetes and hypertension (over 200) and her strength had weakened. But after administering Kippogen, her blood sugar and pressure had leveled to standard (130 to 140). She is in a good shape now.

◆Hypertension Age 75 Female

She was using 7 kinds of medicine such as hypoglycemic agent, vitamin K, and a diuretic, for hypertension. But she was experiencing sickness and uncomfortable symptoms such as puffy hands, feet and face. After starting Kippogen, she stopped 4 medicines.
Nov. 1998
Her urine is easier and the dizziness that she used to experience had alleviated.
Even though she had stopped 4 medicines, her blood tests results show no change compared to the past.. Her face radiance had been restored and improvement can be seen around her legs which was swollen before.

◆Cholesterol Age 28 Male

I used to worry about my high cholesterol and after trying 1 month of Kippogen, my numbers had decreased to 159.

I am surprised at the results for I did not restrict food at all and such numbers came out!

◆Hypotension Age 68 Female

After 1 month her blood pressure had become 130 and compared to before, she is able to wake up in the mornings.

◆Gout Age 65 Female

After taking Kippogen her uric acid value had reduced from 8.4mg to 6.0. Her blood biochemical profile taken 1 month after showed all the items in standard level.

◆Gout Age 79 Female

July 1998
She started administration of Kippo in order to improve her uric acid value and her kidney functions. (taken together with prescribed medicines)
August 1998
Her bathroom rhythms have become regulatory and her legs have become light for improvement of edema.
October 1998
After catching a cold, she stopped taking uric acid medicines.
December 1998
Improvements in blood tests could seen even after discontinuing the use of uric acid medicines.
January 1999
Her face radiance has come back and fairness of the skin can be admitted. Her edema that made her face swell was improved at the same time. For her toilette rhythm has recovered, she feels good and her appetite has come back.

◆Gout, fair skin, constipation Age 46 Female

For the aim of obtaining a beautiful skin, she started Kippogen from Sep. 1998. Also she would like to reduce the uric acid value and constipation.
Her husband would like to relieve the cramps that he often experienced.
2 weeks later
They do not feel change in the toilette habits but have noticed that the impairment of cuts and wounds have become faster compared to before.
October 1998
Not much change could be felt but the constipation has been relieved a little.
November 1998
Husband: His cramps have improved.