Other diseases

Other diseases

◆Hyperthyroidism Age 50’s Female and her mother age 79

She had been going to the hospital regularly for her 「Hyperthyroidism」(1and a half) and had stopped taking her regular medicine to 「Kippogen」. She consumed 1pack per day and her test results after half an year (4/24) showed no abnormality.

Apr.24th, 2001 from her diary

Was it because I had returned from Sapporo last week and my rhythm had changed, I was not in a good condition. Fatigue and my swollen feet were like an elephant, although it is originally fat. Fearing that hyperthyroidism had reappeared , I went to the hospital yesterday. I returned home taking iodine medicine which is necessary for specific examination when taking the MRI. The results were as follows.

「Everything is normal.(Except for the neutral fat.) 」To be honest I was a little depressed yesterday for I had quit going to the hospital and changed to natural health food 「Kippogen」on my own decision. For I felt guilty going to the same doctor, I had changed the hospital but here too the doctor had told me that there is no example of cure of thyroid gland from health supplement.

But! But I was cured. My swollen feet became better for I had been careful of my diet these past few days. Fatigue was just from tiredness and doing ○○ and ×× made me much better(how simple!). Come to think of it, my mother’s meal is a little salty. But she would always make T’s favorite so I was on the side of eating too much. She also had me bring home salmon eggs and that also added another factor of consuming too much salt. (To be short, I ate too much!) Health food 「Kippogen」’s effect is enormous. It is said to cure「cancer」but it will collide with the drug legislation so it cannot be expressed.(and it is said so). Well this fact will only know to those who had taken Kippogen. T and I originally do not believe in health supplements for it sounds very fishy. The reason we took 「Kippogen」 is simple. The person who recommended me Kippogen is the one I trust very much.

The below is the situation of T’s mother

It is good to hear that the aged who is taking Kippogen is in a good condition. My mother lives by herself in Sapporo and she says that she cannot live without Kippogen. I send her boxes regularly and believe that as long as she is taking Kippogen she will be fine. She does not look 79, she dances and sings, goes out a lot. My mother says that it is better to use money not to become sick rather than using money after getting sick. By the way my mother is ex-acupuncture and runs a academy and she has a high consideration for health and has knowledge or Asian medicine.

◆Glaucoma Age Unknown Female

Had been diagnosed as glaucoma and has high blood pressure.
The intraocular pressure had increased and her glaucoma becomes worse. She is due to have further examination in Jan. In the meantime she took Kippogen 1 pack per day.
Jan.13th, 2004
The day of further examination. The results showed no irregular situation and no glaucoma. The doctor was wondering if the last diagnoses was a mistake.


After consuming Kippogen for nearly a month, the retinopathy had become better and the doctor expressed that it is an unbelievable situation. The operation that was due had been postponed and the patient was overwhelmed.

◆Eye ground hemorrhage Age 49 Female

Started from Aug.1998
In the autumn of 1997, the hemorrhage of the eye ground had made her take an operation to exclude the blood. Since then her symptoms was fatigue and high blood pressure. After taking Kippogen, she felt light as if after eating garlic. In a week she gained 1kg. When stopping to take Kippogen her symptoms will come back. Her weak eyesight had recovered and comparing to the other patients who took the same operation, her eyeball is clear.

◆Cystitis Age 55 Female

From cystitis she is not able to urine well, but after consuming Kippogen her constipation had been relieved and also her urination is better.

◆Hyperventilation syndrome Age 40 Female

From 10 years ago I had been in the fear of feeling death from severe hyperventilation syndrome. From the side effect of the medicine, my weight had increased to 120kg. About 6 years ago I picked up a stranded dog and took him to a walk everyday taking 3 to 4 hours. This lead to a diet and my weight had reduced to 52kg. But at the same time, my muscles had also reduced and at the age of 40 my body is like a grandmother, full of wrinkles.

Worrying my condition, a friend of mine had introduced me Kippogen and after an hour of counseling I decided to take Kippogen. As informed beforehand I had slept deeply and woke up having a hyperventilation attack but just that once. After 2 weeks, my condition had drastically changed and the body wrinkles disappeared and my bust had increased.

My dog was also in a condition of weak digestive organs. But within 2 days his diarrhea had cured and his eyes, hair and nose had recovered and became healthy. I believe that Kippo will improve my sickness and that my dog will live long.

◆Lumbago Age 60’s Female

Hello. Is it for this hot weather and my health balance has changed, I feel great worry towards my lumbago and numbness in my feet. The other day, Ms.T from Niigata had informed me about 「Kippogen」. She was happy that her numbness in her face had improved and she no longer needs to chew gums any more. I was working for 30 years in preschool and had quit this March but my lumbago is chronic.
Aug.1, 2001
It is the 6th day since consuming Kippogen.
I still feel lumbago and numbness but after reading the materials I have decided to believe in Kippogen and take them regularly. At the moment the best condition is in the morning and my pain is better but in the evening my pain comes back. The numbness is like a electric shock wave.
Aug.14, 2001
Kippogen is starting to work and my lumbago is better. After 1 box it seems better. I was told that I may take 1 to 4 packs per day so I have decided to take 1 pack before sleep.
Aug.17, 2001
My lumbago had become better and since I am able to live a normal life, I went to Omatsuri( Festival) . I drummed the drum for over 6 hours.

◆Neuralgia facialis vera  Age Unknown Female

I have given Kippogen to my mother. She was in a pain from Neuralgia facialis vera for over 3 years. No medicine would relieve her pain but after taking Kippogen she seems better.

◆Fatigue Age 47 Male

Aug.29 2001
I am 47 and am not sick at the moment particularly. But I feel tiredness and fatigue and cannot sleep so I have decided to take Kippogen. I take 24 doses per day, 6 doses for each morning, lunch ,night and before bedtime. I do not feel drastic change but I sort of feel better. I believe I will keep on taking them so if you have any advice please inform me.
Sep.6 2001
I am grateful for Kippogen for I am in a much better situation. I would like to order an additional box. I believe that new customers will increase after seeing my condition. At that time being, I will introduce my friends to you.

◆Round alopecia Age 50’s Female

After a month, the place where my hair had fallen out a hair had newly grown.