Dog / Cat pet diseases

Cases and clinical trial tests varying on diseases

Disease of pets (Dogs, cats)

◆Kidney cancer, dog Age 14 Weight 5kg sex: unknown

Progress(As of Dec.19,2003)

  • Kidney originated cancer had metastasized to the whole body.
  • The dog could not eat so it had to be taken to hosptitals for instillation.
  • It could not move.
  • When touched from the chest, a large lump (tumor) could be felt.

The dog started taking Kippogen 1 pack per day(2.5g).

Day after first administration Dec.12,2003

  • The dog was able to stand up.
  • The dog ate food.

3rd day after adiministration Dec.13, 2003

  • The dog went out for a walk.
  • The appetite has recovered and eats a lot of food sprinkled with Kippogen.

1 week after administration Dec.18, 2003

  • Feeling the tumor in the chest, it could be felt that it had shrunk.
  • They have another dog, but the one administered Kippogen is doing much better.
  • The hair have regained radiance and the eye’s have become brighter.

◆HIV, cat Age 15

A cat which was an HIV carrier was given Kippogen at the age of 13, and it’s weight was 2kg at the start (normally the average weight is 4.5kg).
  • After the first episode high fever continued and meals could not be taken.
  • It lost strength and the urine smelled.
  • Even if the cat went to the hospital and have injections and instillations the fever will come back in 3 days.

The cat had been administered the supernatant fluid of Kippongen solved water using spoit.

  • After a week had passed, the fever and the smell of urine had vanished.
  • It was able to eat tuna and increase of 2.5 kg was seen.
July, 2004

The cat has become well but in 2 to 3 days the fever will rise.

The doctor said that because the water is in the legs. The cat has high fever and its appetite has decreased to 2kg. When the fever goes down, the cat is able to eat again.

After the fever of Jul.10th, we have increased the supernatant fluid to 4 to 5 times per day.

When we went to have the prescribed medicines, the veterinarian asked us what medicine we were admininstering to our cat for he could not believe that our cat was still alive at that point.

  • At the moment the cat has appetite and takes meals 4 to 5 times per day.
  • Before administration, the cat was not able to eat 1 tuna cans but now it can eat full amount. The weight gained back to 3kg.
  • On Jul.21, the cat regained strenght enough to jump up to a high place.

The cat that was in a situation of nearly vegetable cat state had regained enough strength to jump had surprised the ower very much. She wishes for the cat to keep the good condition and stay healthy.

August 2004
  • The cat has a fever once in 3 days but the appetite is still there.
  • The cat food is given 5 times per day for it has heavy appetite and keep asking for more.
  • On the 9th day, the cat had jumped up to the table to steal the fish that was on the table.
  • From 3 days ago, the cat started to refuse the prescribed medicin.
  • It started to take walks 30 minutes per day.
  • The cat used to make mistakes before toilettes, but now it is able to go to the cat toilette without making mistakes. The smell of urine had almost vanished.

The cat’s owner has other pets than the cat and she started to give the dog Kippogen. This dog had weak skin problems and had a severe rash that was very irritating. That symptom had reduced and knowing that or not, the dog would open the Kippogen box by himself and ate the tablets. This is probably for the dog had learned that by eating Kippogen the rash will reduce.

April 2005
  • The cat’s weight had increased to 4.2kg.
  • It is now in a good shape and eats a lot.
  • Every morning when the ower wakes, she would find footsteps of the cat on the sink. The cat seems to get thristy and she jumps up to the sink for a drink.
  • The other day the cat jumped up to the roof. The usual door that the cat takes was closed so it used many ways and made it up to the roof. The cat now is 14, and this was very surprising to the family for the cat stopped going up the roof at the age of 11 and to climb up to the roof had been since then.
January 2006
  • Weight average is from 3.8 to 4 kg.
  • For the cat was diagnosed as it has kidney failure, it had increased the amount to 4 tablets per day rather than 3 from September 2005. The doctor had prescribed medicine to recover kidney failure and low salt cat food.
  • For the cat would not eat hospital food, the food was changed to normally marketed food. Sometimes taking prescribed medicine was forgotten.

The change occurred after increasing Kippogen amount.

  • At the pet hotel, it was said that the cat’s appearance is of a 9 to 10 year old cat, and does not look like it is already 15 even the beard is white.
  • Bad breath had reduced.
  • The gums had become healthy and stronger.
  • It started to go out to take sunbathing.
  • The fever stopped.

・The blood tests results show the L shows lower level than normal level. H is higher than normal standard.

2005/9/1 2006/1/1
WBC 3100 6400
RBC 757 913 H
HGB 9.8 11.2
HCT 28.9 L 33.7 L
PLT 7.0 L 11.0
BUN 26 20
CREA 3.0 2.5