Stomach disease

Stomach disease

◆Malfunction of stomach Female Age 40’s

The reason why I have mailed is to introduce my experience. At the end of June, I had medical check when temporary returning to home. In July 10th, I received an emergeny phone call and was told to take an further examination by gastrocamera. An abnormal situtation was found in the stomach is what they have told me.

I took an United flight right away and went to Beijing Hospital. The gastrocamer reservation was made for July 16th and from this day no beer and ate good digestive food. Also together I took Kippogen from the morning of 11th to the 16th with the water of Lourdes. The day of 16th came, the day of gastrocamera. 2 doctors have diagnosed as no abnormal situation can be admitted to the duodenum. On the 10th of the first diagnoses, there was an abnormal situation but the unpleasant feeling had disappeared.

My skin has become smooth and fair as admitted in the past, and I will take Kippo every day to become young and beautiful, which equals healthy.

◆Gastritis Female Age 61

My mother lives in Korea and from about a month before visiting Japan, she had gastritis and had to take quite an amount of pills. She heard of Kippo from her friend and this is where the fun starts! Just after 1 pack, her pain had relieved, and afterwards the pain in her knee and hips had disappeared. All this happened within 4 days. After seeing my mother in such good shape, I longed for her to live long. I also appreciate Kippo for making my mother healthy. Thank you very much. By the way, my mother will become 61 this year.

Few days after Her mother had returned to Korea and had told her doctor that her gastritis had cured. The doctor insisted in taking the gastrocamera although she implied that there is no need for that. As a result of the examination, her gastritis had been cured and she had told her doctor that she is taking Kippo. She also had claimed that the examination fee was a waste.