The world’s first photographs of regenerated brain
(In cooperation with Hunan Medical University, 2002)

ATP, an innovation changing medical treatment in the world.

Once upon a time, Edison invented the electric bulb, and then the lifestyle with lamps ended.

The number of diseases is said to grow to as many as 200 as people get older.
To solve this problem, I have been searching health through Eastern Medicine for 30 years.
If you are healthy, you can solve any problem.

To be healthy, as explained by the life sciences, you have to keep your adenosine triphosphate (ATP) level same as one at 25-years of age.

If ATP can be activated, we can rid the world of diseases such as cancer, dementia, making it possible for people to remain healthy to 100 years of age.
The brain, the heart, and all organs can be regenerated.

Every day, people need the amount of ATP equal to their body weight, but starting at 25 years of age, the production decreases 1% each year, so by 50 years of age, it decreased by 25%.
So, a 50-year-old person weighing 50 kg has an ATP deficit of 12.5 kg. This is aging, and it is the cause of cancer and other diseases.
It is impossible to take 12.5 kg orally.
KIPPO does not contain ATP. It activates generation of ATP on its own.
KIPPO is the world’s first-ever ATP activating agent.

If ATP can be activated for the first time in the world, then the brain will be regenerated, dementia will be improved, and it would be possible to remain healthy to 100 years of age. There will be no elderly people who needs nursing care.
Weakened hearts will be regenerated, and pacemakers will be unnecessary. The efficacy will be no less than 90%.
Immunity will be enhanced, cancer and HIV will be wiped out. The efficacy will be no less than 90%.
The kidneys and liver can also be regenerated.
Male and female hormones will be activated, so couples who have suffered from infertility will be able to have children.
For diseases in which one dies resulting from brain atrophy, and for spinocerebellar degeneration, regeneration is also possible.

Now let’s talk about immunity. (Is this God’s own mischief or the work of the devil?) God has given people a lifespan of 100 years, while making the thymus gland atrophy and self-destruct.
The thymus gland, which is the school of immunity, atrophies and loses its function with age.
At 40 years of age, the thymus gland decreases in size by 50% and at 60 years of age, 90% of thymus gland will be lost.
Hay fever and others are also due to atrophy of the thymus gland.
That leaves no ability to fight back or attack foreign substances such as viruses and cancer cells.
If the thymus can be regenerated, killer T-cells will kill cancers and viruses.
The only way to regenerate the thymus is to activate ATP.

World’s first-ever result of clinical study of dementia, five out of eight items of problematic behaviors such as wandering were improved in 30 subjects in two months.
(In cooperation with the Haneda Foundation , 2005)

The results of experimental study in nematodes (roundworms) showed 35% extension of lifespan, a world record.
(In cooperation with the Japanese Nematological Society at Chubu University, 2007)

Images of activated ATP
(In cooperation with the Japanese Nematological Society at Chubu University, 2007)

A paper about a body in which cancer cannot survive because the amount of oxidized protein is reduced by 10%.
The oxidation of the brain and other organs causes disease.
(In cooperation with Kyoto University, 2013)

Images of dying cancer cells
(In cooperation with Yeungnam University , 2002)

In 2008, at the Tsukuba University Graduate School, it was discovered that mitochondria in which ATP synthesis had become ineffective induces mutations to create cancer cells.
In summary, I hope you understand this revolution in medical treatment.
If KIPPO is given to healthy persons of 25 years of age, nothing happens.
But, if you are over 40, you will feel something.
For both men and women, as you age and hormones decrease, big problems come along, but HGH hormone injections are unnecessary.
There is a limit on the phenomena on the earth. Even 1000 years from now, ATP will still be the pinnacle of the life sciences.

I wanted to give this to Steve Jobs.

KIPPO Science Limited, CEO YOON Jungman